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Need help D:

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most classes change at lvl 55 as far as damage output. every class can dps efficiently at end game, just figure out if you want to tank (BM, KFM) or heal/buff (SF,WL,SUM,GS,SIN,KFM) or just dps (DES,BD,FM)... personally i have a lvl 55 of every class and they all have benefits and downfalls with their playstyle so just check out some videos of "end game" skill rotations and see which set of 3-4 buttons u like pressing to dps

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2 hours ago, KASER100 said:

So far I have played the warlock, lyn, and gunslinger. I found the gunslinger to be the easy one to play, but has low damage. The lyn and warlock do better damage but are more complex.

Meanwhile this guy says the opposite...


"Mind Blown"

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