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massges to ranking top classes in pvp and whats worng with each class


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hello everyone this subject is massage to devs  it to point out whats worng with  whole thing called 6v6 pvp kappa :P im gona rank classes from best to weakest on 6v6 and explain what the main problem or lowest or worst classes in 6v6 this is gona take time lets start

1- gunner 

has the highest burst in pvp with badge they will perice block/veil/red petal expect for iframes usealy i seen gunner who can kill 1-5 ppl depending on how close they are when they lunch V+tab if they are close togather they will take splah damge from gunner F and they will die 100% regardless of ur def or how whale a under geard gunner with VT badge can pull this off i tested myself on my alt gunner when this classe was intrdcued to this game 6v6 is no more the same that how broken undergeard can can still kill whales that simple

2-kfm with VT badge with perceing  that boost ther V they can 100% kill if 3 or more ppl next to kfm when he cast it also they can rest V with tab with badge i don't remmber it name so they can do 2 V that attack now to def i'll make it short it the most tanky class in 6v6 hardest to kill  so many iframes on E + Q SS when they enter full evade mode they can roam free for 7sec and ther block iframe is like it not gona be done anytime soon

3- sin with bombard build now granted i put on top for 1 reason bombard is broken beacuse they can  attack u from save distance when they cc u and ur tab become uselss beside ther never ending stealth iframe  beside they can 1 shot ppl with Z bomb giveing they have the right priceing

4-bms with  VT badge the most swingey  classs i have ever seen and i don't blame them why not swings when u can hit everything with it just borken i wanted to give them 3 place but sins is more broken just to be fair 

5-lightning bd with VT badges  chopy chopy now granted they don't dont have aoe dps like rest but i consder them the class that can do anything they can do 1v1 with any class with 0 problems giveing they have the skill but pericing from VT badge will give them edge in 1v1 on almost any class in 1v1 

6- forcemasters ice/fire know i'll be short on this class any1 can play them any1 can tank team giveing they have timeied ther ice to buy time until ascendet rest they are very anoying to kill they get alot of healeing from ther V+C whenu hit them u heal them also tab ice healing anyway that def lets move to atttack now fm with VT badge ofc it not the opest skill to kill compared to gunner badge and kfm badge or even destro badge or bd badge but it aoe dps and it nasty beside ther nomral hits that always been high even b4 ravens :P yes even b4 ravens now ascendet now ice fm is 1 hit kill class giveing u don't iframe ther first hit that said they stay in rank 6 "i'll update them later cause of new dragons weapons ther 4+4 become very nasty need time to calclauted how mush it effecting 6v6 compared to ascendet"

7- wind smn has the  most setupid roation i have ever seend he low ur ms = more kills ther task is only yo air ppl with right gear they will air kill any1 ragardless of ther def check outlow isalnds to see what i mean rank 1 smn is wind with 5 sec kill that how broken this is and u don't need to have degree just macro left click right click "done" u are top  tear player now that said why they are not on top of charts ?  simplay u can't air ppl easy and they have very low def now with badges any1 can kill smn unless ur shadow wl :P just jokeing shaodw wl i love u so def is weak attack is at highet tradeoff here

8-earth destro and shadow destro granted i don't know many about shadow destro beacuse they are low numbers in 6v6 but i remmber i got 1 shotted once with all my buffs up 5k+5k from beluga and i died anyway lets focus on earth destros the most tanky class in 6v6 by far beacuse they usealy attacked by many player they will heal ther whole hp in 1 ifram just 1 full healing now that def side for them lets go to ther burst they are amonest the highest burster in the 6v6 realim and that was long b4 ascendet even come out im talking raven days now with ascendet and drgon weapons ther play style become like this wheel until u get CC opner then bust usealy this kills any1 in open world or 6v6 so why i didn't rank them on top beacuse of 1 reason gunner usealy and wl can deal with them np that why i'll not rank them top then kfm cause kfm will sruvive better then them vs gunner / wl i hate them but i'll be fair to them theycan be dealt with smart ppl 

9-SF while i know i know they have nasty V ppl will be shocked why i put them here first ther VT badge don't have that huge effect on ther v i see many SF rolling with mystic badges i know they can 1 shot ppl down with v but ther V can be dodges iframed easy compared to gunner burst or kfm V or bm dragontunge reason why they here is simple they have weak def realtivery to kfm bm destro bd in generl they just abuse ther E and Q and SS in ttime of need and 1 iframe then they are easy to kill compard to top classes

10-wl ice and shadow i know some ppl will be shocked in why i put them in low but lets me put this way this is the most class that can die in 6v6 and they almost gain no benefet for ther VT badge expect for soulburn and that it i know they can areial kill with high dps but gunner  and wind smn beat them at that "that was wl playground" no more no we go to more depth on ther def and explain why it soo week in short if they used sanctuem they are open to be killed any any moment from any class "yes any class can kill them this is open world BD would make nightmare for them giveing they have VT badge" now that said that why i ranked them in 10 that said shadow wl is the weakest of the 2 

11-earth smn "yes im gona make it as whole class of it own this is my main class i lived with it and played with it 6v6 for over a year from baleful days !  nowt the most uselss class in 6v6 so far so usless right now ther role is become "run for ur life don't dps unless ur party memebers gang someone to get near him while u do that stay at safe distance" this sort of uselss why what did happend to smn earth for it to become so useless in 6v6 my short verson of that answer is badges update but why badges did effect earth smn to this this point of casting it out "i left i i don't 6v6 with it no more i have gunner and kfm for 6v6 i don't need usless classs in 6v6" now lets break points first attacks some in general earth/wind havely dpend on ther ctas to cc the enemy "but isn't that how it always were " answer yes that how it always been but now any class with badge beside "wls" can shot down cat soo easy now someone will jump and say why don't u que ur cat ? short answer if i die that they come for me they need 3-4 sec max to killl me thus makeing me recall cat and break my Q on cat that will be 9 sec CD time :P more then enough to kill me with any class again i'll exclude "wls" this now alots of smns cat dies fine by me im used to it at this point and to my big point to why they are uselss 6v6 become more who has the best class and gear and lowest ms when badge came out smn both wind and eath don't have periceing skills on ther bade let alone how borken eart smn badge is "very broken ask all earth smn who has VT badge broken as in it glitch  " know i know there is patch that will fix this badge but it will fix it for pve caue it will still be uselss in 6v6 why they refuse to put pericing in it and copy cat whatever korean server and russian server simplay dev team here don't have courge to do ther own thing in EU/NA servers u stopped my whole game with earth smn that i instevsted in soooo mush i wanted to reroll my class i hate it simplay cause of they don't have coruge do to ther own thing in eu/na server im sorry to say this but i think devs whos runing this are but scared people afraid of fixing thing so they copy cat korean servers any suggestion in commet is welcome for suggestion  we are after all trying to fix a game we love 

mu suggestion is to sparate pve buffs commeing from badges cause they were mean't for bosses that have 30 mil+ hp not player who has 100k-240k max hp either that or implment HP boost on all classes who join 6v6 and euqal badges be fair don't give some classes edage over another this is my massge i hope it to reach devs " u guys mus have coruge and step up the game and fix it b4 it 2 late spirit up and just DO IT ! " i know it long but i wanted to take this of my chest been in pain form it for so long i can't take it but to type it and point why 6v6 is no joy for me anymore 

and gl to everyone 

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