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When will gunners get nerfed ?


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If you can't do something simple and trip over the lbm after spinning 2 seconds in it's no wonder you gonna cry for that class to be nerfed.


As for gunner the first nerf was pretty good as it stopped idiots from blindly using TAB 24/7 without thinking as for the second when I was watching people use gunner in the test server the other day I didn really see any difference in damage.

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The truth in korea the BulletStorm was already nerfed, but the reality is that the gunner needs a buf me as a user of gunner my high ping does not allow me to use bulletstorm without counting that in korea they did not stop complaining and they gave a second great nerf gunner but in their skill. What bothers me about this is that people say the gunner is broken but they do not specify in which all the classes in 6vs6 are broken without vt badge they are more or less in level of confronting and being able to beat them. If you start reading something that nobody makes the buf that gives and I'll give you an example;

Blade Dancer: Aransu Mystic Badge:

Squall deals 4500% of Attack Power as Wind damage over 6 sec wind

Squall generates 3 Wind Spirits per hit

Squall penetrates defense, deflect

Destroyer: Aransu Mystic Badge:

xecute activates Shadow Storm for 12 sec on hit with the last attack

Shadow Storm deals 4000% of Attack Power as Shadow damage over 2.5 sec shadow

24030-shadow Eradicate deals 750% of Attack Power as additional Shadow damage on hit while Shadow Storm is active shadow

24030-shadow Eradicate refreshes the cooldown of 24038-shadow Galeforce on hit while Shadow Storm is active

24038-shadow Galeforce deals 750% of Attack Power as additional Shadow damage on hit while Shadow Storm is active shadow

Shadow Storm penetrates defense, deflect

This item is what causes the classes in 6vs6 to be a disaster as well as going to faction, the people who start reading and practicing how to use this buffer and the reset of the pvp weapons abuse this. I personally when I use my gunner in 6vs6 I have to go against at least 3 who are going to concentrate on killing me and it's difficult because my gunrise that makes the gunner recover from the stun have 36 cd, the cd is very high considering the amount of stun and kd what's in the game. If you read the buffs of the kunfu master ss and the pvp destroys after they do the super nerf to the gunner they will complain about the destro and kun fu master that in korea the buf in the last patch, to finish what What really needs a nerf are the items, not the classes. If the defense penetration was removed and the deflect of that item would be more fun the 6vs6 an easy solution to something that ncsoft does not want to see or do. Thank you

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