I love how you guys say *we make these changes in order to make things easier for you guys* in the patch previews, and I really want to believe you guys, which is why I'm writing this here hoping it will be taken seriously. If I should mention this in a different place or with a different method do tell me.   Previous Legendary Element/Jewel costs = 20g each New costs = 10g + 5 elements/jewels OR 10g + 30 soulstone crystals + 15 sacred crystals. The elements/jewels require 10 powders + 10 fusion powders + 5 soulstone crystals + 50 silver. Which means the supposedly cheap option requires 10 gold + 50 powders + 50 fusion powders + 25 soulstone crystals + 2.5 gold. Soulstone prices are now 50s each which means we are looking at a price that equals to 25g + 50 powders + 50 fusion powders... What about the other one? 10g + 30 soulstone crystals + 15 sacred crystals? 10g + 15g + 30g = 55G FOR A SINGLE LEGENDARY ELEMENT/JEWEL if you don't have the mats and try to buy them.   Look guys, none of these is better than 20g each. I get that some people will say *Just farm the materials and you are fine.* But you need all these stuff FOR JUST 1 legendary element/jewel. And we need A LOT of them, so at one point, you gonna run out of your endlessly farmed mats, and you'll be farming those mats for these shits while you need them for upgrading weapons and accessories still. On what are you gonna use them then? Unfortunately on all. You don't have a chance to choose anymore. Not to forget you can't buy the weapon/accessory powders from the market. The ways and speed to get them are very limited

So what are my personal solutions to offer for this?
- Add the old 20g each option without removing the new options if you don't want to remove them
- Remove one of the new options and add the old 20g option - Add a pure gold option below 20g (considering you were doing all this to just help us right?), 15g maybe - Reduce the amount of soulstone and sacred crystals required with the 10g option   I hope this reaches someone who has a saying in these matters, if you think I need to post this to somewhere else to make it visible to such people, do let me know. Also share if you think I'm completely wrong and saying stupid things, thank you.