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Dynastic mystic badge


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i tired unbalance this game.
i play shadow warlock, join battle ground, i try anyone kill need air born and only 1 enemy,
but blade master not need airborn with Dynastic mystic badge, gunner not need air born normaly, destroyer not need air born Dynastic mystic badge kfm not need airborn Dynastic mystic badge and imagine kfm use reset pot use second Dynastic mystic badge effect i see that and more time, why wl Dynastic mystic badge effect 1,5 minute or 1 minute why i cant reset Dynastic mystic badge effect?, Destroyer i see 10 sec use 4   2 times (in 30 sec  again use 2 time v) not with reset pot or ascandant reset  in 30 sec 4 time use v , cant stun daze  olnly leach if dont rezist and havent cd, how i can airborn. my ide blade dancer and destroyer spin time can do stun and daze, i have 1 kd and cant air born with kd.

Why havent Warlock on Dynastic mystic badge self effect

imagine pve warlock have Dynastic mystic badge and blade master have Dynastic mystic badge, warlock use SB blade master get Warlock Dynastic mystic badge effect and use self Dynastic mystic badge blade master 2 time use Dynastic mystic badge (self and warlock)

imagine same warlock only use self Dynastic mystic badge. very unfair,

same dungeon same party blade master, destroyer, blade dancer, soul fighter, gunner, kfm, assasin, force,summoner  use 2 time Dynastic mystic badge effect (with warlock)

Warlock  use Dynastic mystic badge effect 1 time (with anyone) unfair

seample destroyer with q cant stop but get demage, warlock use sb cant stop get demage.

need this game balance and fair

i tired that unbalance, kfm, balde master Dynastic mystic badge cant block, warlock Dynastic mystic badge ? i can say can block, only use 3 maybe that only 1 member,
kfm blade master blade dancer gunner etc why easy raids drop, warlock why diffrent raid here some hard, twin asura and great thrall that un fair, black tower fair why dont same,
my idea some times later i to leave some times later if continue unfair.
warlock 50 time get nerf, why dont nerf destroyer (buff with v, true we can touch him now never touch, all bd and destroyer run away wıth spin, true warlock dont toch anyone), why dont nerf gunner, i remember blade get buff, all class can run away  warlock wood, ver good fair,

imagine i use leach and use x stun enemy can use tab more time use, again imagine i try 3 can use f enemy escape again wl wait die. wl hard kill no air
Nerf nerf nerf Warlock now Wood class your try play with warlock.
i tired that unbalance game,
when i join battle ground i be nervous. later i dont want play this game

other problem bad skill sanctum, i join 6v6 i close target with sanctum some near party member gunner shoot him i die bad skil sanctum and i try open assas more cc me a cant open but force  if press c can open why always hard varlock skills hard, i open traget close kfm use tab later 4 spam not work sanctum or i open cc rezisst santum again kfm use tab 4 spam sanctum how work very very bad skill why have sanctum, if change cc guard again gunner 1 shoot me, Warlock why have sanctum, other seample i use target close sanctum destroyer use q with mystick badge again 1 shot, wihtout mytic badge i stun time gj


Force not need airborn and same time can kill, blade nacer destroyer spin spin go away, why wl cant go away or warlock cant catch up destroyer or blade dancer, i dont say gunner run away, summoner can run away , why warlock cant run away, summoner cat always open warlock thrall have time limit,

summoner 2 kd, can run away and close target 6sec. z hp recovery, x rezist , c daze, v 2 time kd. tab stun  (4 cc)

warlock q stun, x stun or daze or kd, 3 daze (3 cc q only with thrall imagine time out thrall ), summoner no problem havent pet taime out pet. and summoner easy run away with 4 no demage this time, warlock? unfair

pve why warlock thral 2x stun, x 1 time stun, my idea can x 2x stun thral 1 x stun


now warlock More WOOD CLASS (Ty let me play wood class)
i dont want play this unbalance this game,
enemy only selecet gunner or blade or blade dancer or destroyer or summoner or kfm or force can kill and win but i select warlock i lost
very good, i very tired unbalance,

Need brain for balance

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