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Is it worth getting true heart?

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idk if it will be used as a material for something in the future but for now imo is not worthy, just go near the wheel (without pvp outfit) and look the chat, is full of rage and angry people i bet they are not "enjoying" or having "fun" there...

i prefer sell the essence of love for 1g each, with only the weekly challeges i already got 45-50g just for selling those at every merchant, and you always  get 5 essence of love minimum for completing the daily challenges every day so...I PERSONALLY prefer gold, but i cant tell you "DONT DO IT" people are free to do whatever they want

and EVEN if that true heart will be used for something in the future i think that probably they will put something similar or the same heart again for the people that did not get the true heart now or for the future new players, maybe easier to abtain idk, will see

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56 minutes ago, Inundated said:

The current "True Heart" we have now is a cosmetic item. When we get the items for actual stats, NCWest will probably rename True Heart to Spirit. Korea has Hongmoon Spirit as an item for newer content and that's what we'd be using.

Okay so question! Do you know if they have any more items with a similar aura? Or is this aura completely unique?

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I don't believe it is worth the current effort and anguish especially when easier to get Spirit/Heart items will be available (for less effort) in future patches.


I've already been burned before by NCSoft West's "fun" events and now I make sure to only limit myself to aspects of events that are actually fun and void of elements that would cause one to be ensnared in negativity.


It is a shame NCSoft West placed such a cool cosmetic item behind such a wall of frustration as it sours the Valentines event but they made their choice and I don't feel it is worth my time and energy to go through such lengths for an item that I can get much easier in the future.

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In TW we basically have this kind of item too but instead we get it through Dragon express. We get the materials on weekly rewards. The max stat of the item is not that bad tbh.

And if i were you, i'd still get that heart. As the GMs said in their stream that the current true heart is like the solak soul they made. It will be upgradable once they release the rest of the content.


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