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Does it worth go back playing again?

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It has been more than a year since I stoped playing Blade & Soul. I really miss it but I have no idea the state of the game. I never really went to end game, I was in lvl 50 hongmoon 4 (maybe?, I don't really remember). I wanted to start a new character and play it a little bit for fun. How populated are the servers now? How is the game? Did it change a lot since a year ago?



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Since it's F2P you can just play and find out by yourself. After completing the storyline, which gives you some decent gear and materials to enchant weapon, you'll be 55 hongmoon 8-ish. I'm new so can't compare it to previous state of the game, but I enjoy it and looking for dungeons seems fast enough. 

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Teicha they are currently working at rebalancing all classes not sure when it will be released though.


I returned a few months back just after gunslinger was released and I have met many many returned players in that time.  I started from CB1 as a summoner lvl45 hm6, quit summoner when warlock was released, played warlock to lvl55 hm12, quit warlock for the gunslinger and she is currently lvl55 and hm14.5.  Am I enjoying the game you bet I am it is soooooooo much easier than it was even 12 months ago.


Rejoin on your lvl 50 character and follow the yellow story quests and you will be given a full set of soul shields, accessories and even a legendary weapon :D  By the time you get to lvl 55 you will be around hm7 or 8 and have around 850ap.  Join yourself a nice friendly active guild and start enjoying the higher level content with them.

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