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Destroyer Legendary Soul Badges


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I have 125 solar energy and now comes the moment of truth.


I want to buy a badge that I can fuse later, but I have no clue what legendary badge is best for PvE. Currently I am an earth destroyer (and have skyrift mystic badge), but I heard that shadow does more damage now (until super end-game) which makes me want to consider switching. I just got another 8g of RAM, so animation cancel isn't an issue either way.


Before anyone says it, no I don't want to switch to a higher damage class cause I don't want to relearn a class (besides my destro is really fun to play), but I do want to maximize the damage on my destroyer.


I looked through BnS tree and Ancestral looks pretty awesome, but I might be missing something.



  • So does shadow really do that much more damage in PvE? 
  • If so, what legendary soul badge gives the highest DPS for shadow?
  • If not, what legendary soul badge gives the highest DPS for earth?



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First question is, will you be able to do VT? If yes, then the sky is really the limit. If you cant, then you have more limited options since atleast for shadow, your playstyle is quite different. Earth not so much since its progression is linear. 


Earth Badges ~> Primal Force is nearly a must. It gives you 3 seconds of wrath with directly helps skyrift.

Shadow ~> Both Magnum and Blue Moon are really good, i play earth so as for what is better of the 2, i cant really say.


As for damage.....this is always a toss up. Personally id say play what you feel like, as of now, the damage difference between 2 excellent players is nearly null. Its more about what gear you have vs what gear they have. Also what buffs you get, since Shadow scales better with SB then earth. But earth has a flatter dps curve all around. 


Soon they are making some changes which is helping Earth be rid of its movement impairment and slowing down shadow slightly. 

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As Shadow, your badges effectively dictate your rotation. As your gear and raid progression goes on, your DPS will go up (I have been able to keep up with a clanmate of mine that plays Earth despite having less gear) but it feels like you re-learn how to play when you transition into your best in slot badges.


Pre-VT: you'll still have Pulse badge at this point, the best pairing from what I've noticed in terms of DPS is Magnum (especially with Dragon Bracelet) because of how useful your Eradicate casts already become. You will also have roughly 100% uptime on Willpower with BT soulshields and using Move 1 of Emberstomp and Typhoon. Blue Moon is mostly useful when you need to give up either of those skills for a defensive version. Shadow has no ideal fusions at this point (by ideal I mean utilizing both effects of the fusion) unless they start mixing ideas from post-VT with the intention of getting into a raid or at least eventually getting Dynasty. 


Post-VT: When you start using Dynasty, all your Galeforce resets are now under Shadow Storm buff but the damage buff is now more than double under Pulse. There are 2 decent approaches to handling this change since now your Willpower uptime won't matter as much. One way to handle this is Transcendence + Magnum = Arcana since it offers fewer changes to your rotation but unfortunately not much increase in DPS because no more Pulse results in less than 100% uptime on Galeforce resets. The more popular and DPS-friendly approach is Alluvion + Sagewood = Limitless which focuses on lowering Execute's cooldown on command therefore more uptime on Shadow Storm. The downside here is this uses badges that cannot be obtained with Solar Energy, you're stuck buying Courage tokens off the market for Alluvion but can farm ToI for Sagewood.

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