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Former Daken accessories bonus

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Here is the situation

I have only noticed it not too long ago but i belive that came out right after the level 55 patch. Having just stage 1 of either Oath immortality earring or eternity belt with either combination (oviusly the more usfull combo is belt+necklace) is enough the gain the 10k hp and 10 ap. I dont mind that because its somewhat boost alt and lower level/beginners players but mains characters who have spent quite a lot of gold to upgradr both accessories to stage 6 in order to obtain the bonuses are now taking a little hit. My auggestion is may be adding additional bonus to stage 5\6 and above may be crit dmg, Additional dmg Movement speed increase  Or other bonuses for maxed out stage 10 both accessories? Somthing that make the investment worth invested in. Now i know that we have VT necklace and may be the old draken path is coming to an end soon in future patches but till it happen they are still a very good boost.

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