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Tachun vs Elemental Soul Shield for end game ?

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I've noticed this on BnS tree and it bothers me.

Is Elemental (VT's) soul shield or this mysterious Tachun soul shield better for fire force master?


I've tried to Google Tachun soul shield and nothing found, judging by it's picture it's from new upcoming dung ?


Both Soul Shields give:


50% decreased cooldown of Phantom Grip & Shadow Grasp (at 8 full set)


Elemental overall buffs


Inferno, Snowball & Frost Tornado by 165% while this Tachun does it for 190%


Tachun SS also gives 30% damage to Meteor Shower and decreases it's cooldown by 25%

Elemental soul shield gives none of those.



Tachun gives 20 attack power and Crit dmg 22%

Elemental gives 15 attack power and Crit dmg 20%


Tachun increases Mystic Fire and Mystic Ice dmg by 100%

Element only by 80%



Overall u can see both soul shields here:


or here (picture)


A lil bit confused bcs i never saw that Tachun soul shield. What is it and is it better for Fire PvE Force Master?

Is it out yet or just to come or something ?


~Sincerly Straxedix

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Added another link.

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I might be wrong, but isn't that the next raid (in korea)? I think I heard something like that... at least I can say vt is the current highest soul shield one can get right now.

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