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Newbie help with classes


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Hi I am brand new to the game but I have played similar types of games. I just had a few questions.


I am mostly a casual player so I will probably solo most of the time. Reading the previous comments it seems most classes don't have a problem solo'ing the story quest. My question is since I am pretty casual are there better classes to be able to solo higher lvl content (possibly a dungeon or boss) after the story line is complete. I am aware I will have to group for dungeons eventually but since I am so casual it is pretty hard for me to find a good guild to do them. I am really interested in BD, Warlock and FM's. Do any of those classes seem to fit what I am looking for? Also I sit at around 65-75 fps, is that enough to play most classes?


Would appreciate any help


*Edit: Sorry after optimizing my settings I run around at 120 fps and I was told for classes that ping is as important as fps. I run at around 10-15ms on this game I believe if I did all the tests right.

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