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Honestly gunslinger is a overcrowded class if you want to feel needed go get a tank class specifically a KFM or something because then you have both tanking and blue buff, also gunslinger has quite alot of damage because of the burst on fire or the powerfull sustained dps on shadow, so basically no, gunslinger isn't just a trash pvp class it's got it's place in pve there is just a little too many who plays it since it's the easiest class to play

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Sometimes it's 3 or more gunslingers in the party, sometimes one. So yes it a bit crowded. However, I never had any problems in LFP with my hm8 900- gunslinger. Doing cita, desolate tomb and NF just fine, never was told to leave or something. So I can't say you won't get into any party. Probably in non-lfp parties or raids you may find some anti-gunner elitists (but I don't know why as gunner's damage is awesome).

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