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Assassin 100-0 in arena

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I'm having a hard time getting the 100-0 combo down. Can someone help me put mine together?


Spinal tap -> X dagger -> Bombard -> X -> Bombard -> Bombard -> C (usually out of focus here

I don't really know where to go from there


Also, anyone know a good YT channel with recent sin PVP videos?

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Well do some focus management then, don´t expect to spam a skill that costs 3 focus and not do anything that gets you focus to kill people with.


One basic combo would just be

spinal tab > x > bombard > x bombard > lmb > lmb > knockup > aerial > groudweb > 1 dash > 4 stun > bombard > 4 poison > lmb > f > tab > lmb > bombard > lmb > f > lmb > c stun > bombard > lmb > f > bombard > 2 > lightning stride


Or one of the true cancer things is when you stun someone with lmb and still have your 1 stealth up (witch happens a lot in sin mirror for instance) you can (provided they don´t tab that) just run around and if they don´t tab bombard > f and then after that everything is almost or often completely untabable if you spam hard enough bombard > 1 stealth > 4 stun > bombard > f > bombard > 2 stride or tab stealth gtfo. Though close shave bugs can easiely screw you over.


Or after web you can 4 stun > bombard > breath > lmb > f > tab > lmb stun > x dagger > 1 daze > bombard > bombard > 1 stealth > 3 stun > bombard > x > bombard > ss stride


Or what i like to do is you can do after web again 3 stun > x > bombard > x > bombard > tab stealth > 4 stun > bombard > 2f > bombard > 4 > bombard (if you have chi) or just 1 dash > lmb stun > bombard > ss stride > bombard > f > bombard > 3kd.


You don´t necessarily need to use c stun in a combo it often times is not necessary. It´s good cause it´s free tech chase and against many classes an easy opener and can replace 4 stun in any combo and do more than that. But it´s not free and does not restore focus so you need to eventually use tab stealth or 1 dash anyways before you c stun in combos so you get that focus you need to do damage (obviously?).


You can 100-0 pretty much any class without even using c stun (sometimes not sf).

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