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what is a good way to get a forging orb? combs, solar cells, mushrooms.. maybe anni coins

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what is a good way to get a forging orb?


12 corsair comb seems the best in the dragon express, considering a kind of worthless "flower lament" needs 10 combs to buy.

but then where can i get the combs?


i am saving solar cells for maybe gems someday,  30 solar cells seem much.


30 mushrooms ok? but i am saving 60 mushrooms for gems someday, if i get more mushrooms.


any possibilities to buy a forging orb with anni coins that they didnt post on the dragon express?



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You need solar for the badge first. Won't shrooms be removed when their claim time is over? Not sure if worth to "save" them. Corsair combs comes from Poha event, which will end on 7 feb and i need to farm like a bot to finish cursed hexa obsi in time... But thats another story. ?

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Naryu Foundry is the normal way to obtain Forging Orbs... the same as Sogun's Lament is for Flower of Lament, Shattered Masts is for Taikhan Skin and Naryu Sanctum is for Xanos Discs. Forging Orbs were often obtainable in the Daily Dash in the past as well... and there are "sealed" versions of these items that can be bought/sold in Marketplace.


Corsair Combs can only be obtained in the Realmrift Supply Chain. You can try to do it... but it won't be easy.


If you can get a lot of Solar Energy, I'd almost recommend saving up 120 energies for a Hexagonal gem. Yes, you can only get a Hexagonal Amber with 120 Solar Energy, but if you salvage it, you get 4 hongmoon gem powders... which can be traded in the gem tab of the Dragon Trade Union tab for any other Hexagonal gem (save for Obsidian). That, or get the Pentagonal gems you want, but then begin saving up energies and breaking the pentas down for powders to get hexa gems. Also, if you don't have an Obsidian gem yet... it's not a bad idea to get the square ones for 15 Solar Energy. If you can't farm combs to upgrade them, meh. There might be a way after the event ends to upgrade them anyways.

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The frozen mushroom currency will more than likely expire soon and become vendor trash unless they plan on releasing them with another event next winter.  There is no way to obtain them anymore as they were a currency for the last event in december.  The combs come from the current event which ends on the 7th after that they will no longer be obtainable.  The best bet is to hope the next event will have a way to get them that starts I think on the 7th will watch the stream today to find out whats coming.  Other than that solar energy or the marketplace is best way to get them.  The sealed forging orb is not that expensive to buy I purchased 2 the other day.  I am not rushing to upgrade my weapon I am doing it as I can.  Last time I rushed things I got burned out and quit.  So this time I am just going with the flow.  Hope this helps.

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