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Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep Item Change Preview


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3 hours ago, NaomySugarpaws said:

are u serious? that would be like sell 100g for 1 Ncoin.. thats just rediculous, also u can use ur Draken cores for alts still, and if u instead decide to use for Leg gems, then why would u want to need spend insane amountS? u some masochistic type of person?

Not everyone wants to have other 9 classes for alts. Also, it is just a suggestion to give 1 more usage for Draken cores as DT, EC, NF, and NS dungeons don't offer anything for old players already (a legendary drop only worth 1 copper?!?!). 


That amounts seem right as 1 box, you can open crit with 14 cores at once if you are luck enough.

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this is just a suggestion though. what if you give free premium membership to those people who buys ncoins. for example 400ncoin = 2day premium membership etc. this just to give people a lil bit more of encouragement to buy ncoin.

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think technical stuff can happen and specially when your renovating your stream room. But hopefully you manage get things smooth like your 2nd anniv stream and hang out with us bit when deeb blue arrives. Just quick note also on strange bugg. There seems to be some bugg with your items discreption and doesnt suppose to be like this. Hopefully this will be fixed on next maint+patch.You doing a good please always keep game improving and your servers smooth. 


Raven King's Energy and Raven King's Ferocity discription seems to have SWAPPED, but picture is correct. So which is correct one? And because discription have swapped are we going for description or the picture? Really afraid to buy and use the item until this will be corrected. Here is the correct discription and picture. http://blade-and-soul.wikia.com/wiki/Raven_Weapons

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On 2/1/2018 at 8:57 PM, NaomySugarpaws said:

be smart and mail support, they can revert the upgrade as long as it hasnt been longer then a week ago, and u get back all mats etc, but also only if u havent done that in the past already, since its said to be a one time thing. so if u havent, go and mail support, and upgrade again after the changes ^_~


(EDIT) just saw u already have done once, however given the significant costs for these upgrades, and the short time u did them before changes was announced, i think they will be helping ntl, for the most part support is rather willing to help then sending ppl off, in the end happy players are happy cutomers and its still a company in the end (yes im aware there are some support "workers" that dont give 2 cents about the ppl and strictly and blid follow rules, however that more often then not also seem to be ppl that barely understand english, and maybe are outsourced or something, idk is jsut a guess ofc)

Well the support was nice and helped to refund back to stage 6 , now i m waiting for new path which is tomorrow.   thanks a lot for give me the advice .

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Hi i think your really need to look into our dps example parse LAB compared now vs like half year ago. Why do you rigg dps meter to look lower now? IS it really suppose to be this like this? Dps meter part of mech of other skill and things that push example pull and dps sustain on dangeons and raids. You think is really so easy for as tnk+pressure to do well on raid+dangeons. Even if mats cheaper now it shouldnt even effect our main dps parse regardless in ANY TIME! Each patch come you like sneakenly chance something and think we wouldnt notice it. Go to your test LAB and compare for yourself! At end it video you can see what gear Saber is using! So go ahead!

Truth to be told must aggre with this. Just like some friends posted on your Facebook:

Erik N: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V56ZXgfkhYY   Compare this few months ago as example for BM dps.
I want you to check this parse an an example and tell me why our dps suddenly becomes so low??? He even used riftwalk 6 here and 5 corner gems with only 
asc soul and Bt8 gear, no VT badge only skyrift badge. In this video it shows dps reaching always 200k+ even with riftwalk(same for raven). Now days the parse testing seems to be able reach around 134k-150k only. WTF? 
Has nothing to do with crit since the stat is back same even after lvl55.
So have you RIGGED our dps meter so it shows lower dps now? Sneaky that we wouldnt notice?


Niklas K:  Yes to aviod messing with our parse/dps. There will always be video that will show the past dps to compare to current patch so nothing is rigged! I agree that our parse dps seems to become abit lower sams m etc which shouldnt effect our dps even at F12. Ncsoft check of her video like raven pulse video etc there and compare for yourself on current patch test LAB. And stop rigging our dps to think we wouldnt notice it.


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