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So we get pvp weapon from quest, lvl up to 12 with our chars in same accoun't and after transform lvl 6 its not better than Aransu? So its only for new players who was totally kicked out from pvp zones with older citizens becose of game mechaniks? Do I mist something?

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Did you just read the stats and went "oh, less damage, wtf?" or did you actually play with Ascendent Weapon?

For most classes, ascendent weapon is better for PvP than Aransu. You get more resets, more crit def, more heals etc which are all very important in PvP.

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30 minutes ago, Tsuzor said:

Lel pure AP wep vs PVP wep wow, not to mention that PVP wep drains your Chi too so that makes your target week as shiet cuz he cant attack u back and u can go all out on him but sure. 

It comes from the whole convincing "AP is everything" which partially the better geared players are responsible for.

Most players dont understand that AP at the moment is not an important stat anymore like it used to be.

Elemental damage, Crit, crit damage and accuracy are most important, then comes AP (for PVE)

for PVP its crit defense/HP, piercing, defense/accuracy and various soulshield / pvp accessory effects.

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