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Weapon of wl


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You could change the warlock weapon, a dagger in a mage's hand does not make much sense. Not only do I speak for myself, I speak for many friends who play warlock and often do not buy weapon skin because the texture of a dagger is not those things and the fact that it does not make sense for a magician to use a dagger.

Imagine a wand or a book in the hand of a warlock, it would be MUCH MORE SHOW and of course I would damn to get skin

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Warlocks have a weapon?  I thought that thing was just a fashion accessory to show off while waiting for Soulburn to come back!


I play a Warlock and I love my razors.  I have a collection.  I love the Warlock attack animations.  I do not want a wand, that's too Western.  I can play other games if I want to look like Harry  Potter.

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