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Updated Desolate Tomb Mechanics

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I'm a returning player and the hardest dungeon I've done before I left before was Naryu Foundry.


Running through the dungeons nowadays is different thanks to the updated AP in BnS, but I've noticed that in Desolate Tomb, players will ignore mechanics. I don't see anymore 323, 232 patterns or anything like before. I know if you used to take several electric currents you would instantly die.


Is this a previous update that makes Desolate Tomb easier? Also what can I expect from Naryu Foundry nowadays?

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There are 2 versions of DT, normal mode & hard mode. For NM u dont need to follow mechs. Compared to HM The insta-kills only do high damage and the npc's stats are lowered. In short NM=tank and spank, well till  you reach sanctum and on up.  but there are some of the lower dungeons you should try to follow mechs on nm  since they can be annoying:

  • EC - In Ebondrake Citadel it can be annoying when ppl dont follow mechs killing those who cant survive the high damage.
  • NF - Naryu Foundry is another one that can be annoying is 1st and 3rd boss mechs not being followed for those that cant survive.


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For the most part, they nerfed the mechs in normal mode dungeons, to the point where they aren't as punishing. DT will not instantly kill a player if they don't do the electricity mechs (the most it'll do is 40k damage). Killing the wives in st 1 will also not cause a wipe (and is recommended to do first most of the time).


Some mechs are still used for the most part. Zakhan is still a pain if you don't do the proper stealth/protect mechs and can do enough damage to wipe. But, for the most part, they made the dungeons easier. 

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Here you go:


Mechanics still exist to some degree, just not doing them properly doesn't trigger a party wipe.

4/12 Nerf Summary:

Jang Ghibu:

3-Hit AoE only occurs at 70%/30% instead of 70%/40%.

3-Hit AoE is only done once instead of twice, however Mengwol and Muwol will continue to spin.

Jang Gibhu does not perform periodic 3-Hit AoEs after 20%.

Iron Juggernaut:

Recovery Automatons spawn at 75% and 35% instead of being based on time.

Iron Juggernaut immediately curls up at 70% and 30% instead of being based on time. With high DPS groups it’s possible to force the curl before or at the same time the Recovery Automatons spawn, giving almost no time to kill the adds and gather two shields before the lightning pellets are fired, and making him arguably more difficult than his Hard Mode version.

Due to its lower health, thrown shields inflicts 7% damage of Iron Juggernaut’s max health per blocked pellet, 21% for 3 pellets with one shield, and 42% for all 6 pellets with two shields.

Lord of the Flame:

Being too far from Lord of the Flame as the tank triggers a jump toward the tank before throwing unblockable projectiles.

Mechanics occur at 70% farthest marker 2-3-2 and 30% closest marker 3-2-3.

After the first mechanic, only one time bomb is thrown in its rotation. The second mechanic will not add anything to its rotation.

Bukka: Bukka’s Throat, Shoulder, Leg skills occur at 90%/60%/30% instead of every 10% of its health.

Magolka: Add summon occurs at 90% and 30% instead of 90%/50%/10%, and Orbs of Corruption occur at only 60% instead of 70%/30%.


Zakhan does not teleport, sawblade, or after 90% spawn dark circles.

Wide crescent sweeps are used less often, and have significantly longer wind-up.

Mechanics occur at 90%/60%/30% instead of 90%/70%/50%/30%/10%, and only does mechanics in the center of the room.

Dark Void is used once every minute and a half rather than every 40 seconds. Zakhan does not put up the Demonic Seal or apply secondary fake marks.


Rocnar does not teleport away unless the aggro holder is too far from him, nor does he use his sawblade attack. Flame Wall does not start at 98%, instead it roughly appears once every minute and a half.

Rocnar does not enrage on hitting 3 Saving Fire stacks from the Flame Wall.

Heatwave (Fire Flower) mechanics occur at 70%/30% instead of 90%/60%/30%.

Flame Wall and Fire Flowers heal Rocnar for 2.5% of his max health instead of 5%.


Acrimor does not soft enrage, removing the need to root and ball drive.

All driving phases only have one ball spawning at a time.

Acrimor jumps roughly once every three minutes instead of every 30 seconds. However, the jumping timing goes back to normal if the first ball driving phase was completed.

Fevered debuff does not stack passively, only when getting hit by his flame attacks.

Granite Titan:

Granite Titan will only do his special phase at 70% and 30% instead of 90%/60%/30%. He will only do Fiery Punches when hitting those thresholds, then perform the special phase, instead of doing Fiery Punches over time.

Granite Titan does not throw extra hammers before Fiery Punch.

Granite Titan does not spawn fake soldiers.

If the party fails to blow up Granite Titan’s shield, the explosion will only detonate the Reverse Spirit debuff for high damage instead of wiping the party. However, if iframed with anything other than Frost Sheath/Iron Plating, the debuff will not be removed and you will die once it expires.

Reverse Spirit debuff is not needed to survive Granite Titan’s explosion.

Granite Titan’s basic rotation does not change and thus will not have the instant iron shoulder attack in it.

Agoni: Mechanics only twice at 70% and 30%. In addition, if he cuts below 30% HP during or after the first mechanic, he will stop doing the mechanic and resume normal attack patterns for the rest of the fight, which actually makes him a lot more annoying if your DPS is too unrestrained.

Xanos: Mechanic occurs at 70% and 30% instead of 75%/50%/25%/x%, with one fake eye at 30%.

6/28 Nerf Summary:

Angler Yeti: HP 5,700,000 -> 4,010,000.

Chochunka/Kurakan: HP 1,066,050 -> 833,000

Mifu: HP 990,288 -> 680,000

Pal Haemo: HP 970,186 -> 667,000

Pytheon: HP 1,010,505 -> 739,000

Sekjin/Koujin: HP 1,354,930 -> 998,000

Ironheart: HP 1,335,840 -> 1,040,000

Naksun: HP 1,710,855 -> 1,240,000

Drill Sergeant: 7,326,000 -> 5,180,000.

TE-1138 Heavenpiercer: HP 10,433,375 -> 8,450,000.

Jang Ghibu: Killing one of the wives will cause him to do his enrage attack, but this simply does damage instead of straight up wiping.

Lord of the Flame:

No Electric Spheres spawn.

All Electric Chains bounce to only one extra player.

During mechanics, Lord of the Flame does not jump to the tank and do another set of marking and grabs; after the first grab it will skip to the four ground pounds.

2 Electric Current transfers to Lord of the Flame deals 16% of its health instead of 8%.

2 stacks of Electric Current will simply detonate the buff for high damage rather than instantly killing the player.

Magolka: Doesn't create Orbs of Corruption, he just goes straight to jumping the furthest person.

Rocnar: During mechanics, only two flowers spawn either at the north and south or east and west. The Heat buff they apply counts as Fire, so they'll still do 7% of Rocnar's health per lifted player.

Granite Titan:

Doesn't enrage if someone dies to being hit by all 5 Unleashed Fiery Punches.

Failing to blow up the shield will cause the shield to prematurely expire after the field AoE

Reverse Spirit debuff is removed even if iframed.


Mechanic phases are at 80%, 50%, and 20%, instead of 70%/30%.

Xanos will jump to the furthest person every minute and a half instead of every 45 seconds.

Xanos does not apply any marks, whether from jumping to the furthest person or his mechanic; the Eyes of Xanos will not do anything and no player will be passively generating Darkness stacks. There is no warning message that Xanos is performing these actions.

Failing to knockdown Xanos and allow him to cast Blinding Light during his clockwise dark pits and rotating disc, whether from using another CC, prematurely cancelling knockdown, or not CCing at all, does not trigger an enrage.

After the clockwise dark pits and rotating disc, Xanos will not create light and dark circles and demand a sacrifice; he will instead skip to the 5-Hit AoE. He will additionally cast dark pits right after the AoE.

After mechanics, Xanos does not teleport behind his aggro holder in his rotation.


Yeti: Just DPS

Mushin's Tower Floor 9-15: Just DPS

Sundered Nexus: Just DPS

Jang Ghibu: Just DPS, kill wives to make your life easier

Lord of the Flame: Everyone hug his front, only marker should stand inside the boss

Magolka: Just DPS

Rocnar: Only two people take flowers

Granite Titan: Just DPS

Xanos: Just DPS

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Basically, everyone is worse at the game because even though everyone does more damage every day that goes by, dungeons are still being nerfed, mechanics used to be a nessesity even in 6-man mode but now, all the new players have no idea what to expect from dungeons/raids on the higher end. and then they tumble into the first boss room of bt and have never Heard the Word "mechanics" Before. 


especialy Desolate Tomb used to be extremely unforgiving in both modes, no longer the case... it's sad honestly, all these baleful 9 gunners running around and completely ignoring all types of mechanics.


introducing something like Fallen Aransu school 2 years ago would have been Childs play, but that's not the case today, simply knocking down when you're supposed to proves too hard for the newcomers because they have never had to knock down bukka in ec or anything like that.


I miss the old Days of 4 man soguns lament with 600 ap each, that was hardcore :bnsplease:

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb LuIius:

because they have never had to knock down bukka in ec or anything like that.

Not to mention to pray for a FM, Des or HM block in HM cause someone will always ruin the stealth of the Sin/Sum by runing around when they should group up for stealth or continue hitting the boss during the stealth.


vor 2 Stunden schrieb LuIius:

I miss the old Days of 4 man soguns lament with 600 ap each, that was hardcore

Me too dude ;)

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For normal mode DT, the mech is actually like this: the boss emits the lightning chain to the farthest at 70%, and closest at 30%. When there is someone close to the marker, the lighting jumps to him and gives both of them (marker and the shared teammate) 30s of damage buffs. But if there is not someone nearby, or you are simply soloing the boss, the lightning jumps on you twice, which will cancel the buff. As a result, party, and sharing, will be much quicker for this boss.

For hard mode DT, the mechanic does not change. But I still see many players doing the mechs, taking the mark, 2, 3 or 9. The boss usually dies before the first 232 phase ends. But if the mech goes wrong and teammates die, just use the res charms, which can be produced through crafting.

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