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Battleground join restrictions


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most of u know this problem. U join a BG ur probably well geared all ready to push ur rank BUT u have a newbie low geared with no experience in your match. hes a onehit wonder basically he gets 1v1ed by a cat from a summ, u also cant tell him what to do because he don't know what to do.


I for myself played yesterday in top 30 Rankings it was my promo match to gold probably 1580 Rating, but I had 4 guys with hm 10 in my team all with balefull 12 or lower and not even any pve or pvp equip. meanwhile enemy team is geared as expected for pvp in this rating area all hm 14 + ascendant 6 pvp accessoires and max soul etc.


so it cost me the match it cost me 30 rating points basically I deranked all 4 previous victorys.


We need a restriction for 6v6.

at least hm 12 doesn't make sense to join before hm 12 anyways since 50/10 10/50 points is like a must have.

als Galaxy 1 or higher u get it from 3 tag 3 1v1 and 1 Toi round for free so its possible to set this as requirement it wont be super op but It guarantees the slightest bit of PvP experience.

or u set this quest for HM 12 and block 6v6 for people below hm 12.


it happens so often and unless they get carried they wont ever win so its useless anyways.

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Basically, if you ever want to be in gold rank, you have to be very lucky. You will improve your chance of winning by dual with a whale, pvp friend. At least it will be 2vs6 and not 1vs6 if you are unlucky enough to quene with all the baleful players. There were alot of old posts with tons of good suggestions on how to make the battleground matches more evenly; however, it seems like either the GMs are willing to accept the idea. Well...everyone knows that GMs have to make the whales happy (to let them continue to farm in BG either solo/dual/clan battle.) or else they won't get paid or even get laid off in the end.


That's another reason why many whales are exploiting clan battle nowadays because you can pre-make a team of all 6 whale players in an alt clan with low ranking and bully killing other players in low ranking main clan. Also, you get around 1k-1.2k battle points per player every time you win in clan battle too. That's almost twice as much as battle point as you can get by winning a normal battle ground match by solo or dual. Clan battle ranking is pretty much meaningless nowadays.

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vor 9 Stunden schrieb LaVersus:

We need a restriction for 6v6.

at least hm 12 doesn't make sense to join before hm 12 anyways since 50/10 10/50 points is like a must have.

I am HM12 with ascendent 6 weapon and pvp-gear. I also often loose points due to low HM Players on the battleground, BUT!!!!!!!!

A restriction is realy the last thing we need.

Battleground should be accessible to everyone.


There are some other problems on 6vs6 and a restriction wont help at all.


- First of all moonstones have to be removed from PVP. Monestones are most common reason for AFK player and purposive downranking to get easy wins.


- Using the rank for matchmaking doesnt work. 

What we need is a decent matchmaking that will equalize groups, so you dont have 4 low levels in one group and 6 high levels in the other group. 

Best would be a matchmaking based on a gearscore of all players. 


- We need a decent defence against one-shoots. The damage is way to high and the defence way to low. 6vs6 in its current state is more like an egoshooter and not BnS like it could be. You dont need skill anymore you only need good gear or a good credit card.


- PVE Boosts like some PVE soulshield bonus or badges should be removed from 6vs6 


- Gunner needs a drastical nerf on battleground. Most gunners always have more kills then the rest of their team together due to their dmg and penetrade through

 nearly evers defence abillity and oneshooting everyone.


- We need an incentive to do PVP and to espacially to rank up.


- Most importend, people need to learn that 6vs6 need tactic and not only kills. People have to understand that you need to defend spots in Whirlwind or get horns in Beluga amd that you cant win a match by simply killing the opponent.

I dont know how many matches with high geared and superior groups i have lost, because they act totaly stupid and went just for kills.

If you yust want to fight and kill, go to arena, not on the battleground. Battleground need teamplay and tactic, not rambos going solo for kills.


6vs6 need a complete overhaul to make it interesting and less frustrating again.

And NO NC-Soft, a new PVP-Event wont change all the crap that ruined 6vs6



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Yeye thous newbies... We sou angry about them in our groups... BUT there allways buts... There SO MUCH FUN to have 10+ single hits from oposit... From your post I would like to say we need them more not less. Free shield 1-5 free weapon, and still they unhappy, lets DO PVP after 1 YEAR game then, and not earlier.


AND HOW u planing to filter them? When ALL from 50 or 55?! HM1...

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or atleast balance it so its gear based and not rank based.. i see max gear ppl in bronze thats the worst feeling for a new player.. making it next to impossible to get geared at all.

really has noting to do with skill at all at this point.

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