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There needs to be a better way to have matchmaking in 6v6. One game I have five people with ascendants on my team (other team has 0), next game the other team has six ascendants (we have 1). There's also the games that people are on alts, but still get matched up into a duo with max gear (ex. true cosmic/trans soul, ascendant 6, vt badges etc.) The question is, how can the system be changed to make more fair matches. Is there a way?

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Some player had the idea of a hard and a normal mode like in dungeons:

- Hard for the whales with better loot.

- Normal without the weapon counting (like in 1vs1 PVP) and only for dayli and some loot for leveling the weapon.


The other option to gamble equivalent teams looks more difficult since some whales use downranking to farm the bronce player.


So some players thought about punishment for idle (not a downranking-punishment because that is what they want anyway, but timebased ban. But NCSoft would never ban their whales ... )


Another idea would be that the Team-AP of all players from one team must be nearly equal to the other team with a max-difference from dunno, maybe 400 AP or so, but that stuff is more difficult for programming.


I like the first idea best.

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