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Upgrading Accessory & Gear

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I've recently finished the story line and got all the stuff, upgraded my baleful to stage 4 and got all solak accessory. However, they can't  be evolved. 

My questions are,

1- What are the accessories I need for an end-game character and where can I find them?

2- How do I get upgrade items for my weapon (sword) and stuff like soul / soul shield

3- How do I get more gems for transmutation?


I know my questions are kinda noob, I just don't have much time to play and most of the time I play I grind and don't hang around with NPCs and people. Any other advice about upgradingis appreciated. 

Thanks in advance ^^

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1. All the end game accessories are the legendary ones. They're drops from certain dungeons and from raids. You'll usually get "Drakan/Hellion Cores" and you can buy the accessory for 200 cores. You can also get the cores from the daily dash, but you'll need to clear the dungeon at least once to be able to buy it. A good first step would be to get "Pinnacle" accessories from the first couple of Heroic Dungeons in Silverfrost. They'll give you far more attack power then the solak ones. I do recommend buying the "Hollow gloves" in Valindria, as it is slightly better then the solak one and the rest of the gloves are dungeon drops. You'll need the Hollow gloves anyway if you every upgrade the legendary gloves.


2. All the materials are gotten from dungeons and the daily dash. You should be using the Void Fragment upgrade option on your weapon. It is cheaper and you don't have to get the specific upgrade weapon. Legendary soul shields are all from raids. You can buy basic soul shield primers from the general merchant in Zaiwei for 5g to do basic soul shield fusion.If you want to upgrade the fixed stats of your legendary soul shield, you'll need to get the same part again. 


3. You can get more gems by doing your daily challenge and exchanging the solar energy for pentagonal gems in the dragon express. I do not recommend transmuting any gem below heptagonal. As they cost gem powder to transmute and you can just buy hexagonal gems for 4 powder.

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If you really want to solo it, you can try the yeti dungoen or the frost fang one, but there is no real point there if you struggle with it. Yeah the options for the left side are rather high, but also too high for some dungeons, as these are runs meant to be super fast ;)

you also got a looking for party button in F8,  you can easily search for anything up to soguns lament with it (for heavens mandate an orb is needed, that is an exception). Up until foundry should be perfectly fine with lfp button as well with story gear. That beeing said, as you have no experience with these dungeons, you might want to give some videos a quick view, so you got an idea what will be going on. although for dark tomb the mechanik has been removed in normal mode to a point where you can say there is none, so you might want to jump in there anyway ;) maybe just tell them it is your first time and watch out where they are running, as mobs get skipped there for the most part. Also, do not stand in any fire ^^ it hurts ;)


if you are still wondering what to do, I made a list in another thread, I will link it here, maybe you find something useful ;) first answer, it is just too much to write again ^^


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I'm really grateful for you! This is very helpful and helped me put a plan for what I'm going to do next in the game.

My goal now is to get the mystic badge from celestial basin, then try and get the hexagonal gems.

However, I still don't have much experience with how the celestial basin works. For now, I'm doing quests, but what about boss farming? Is it more benefitful?


Thanks again for all your help :)

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