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Stuck In Party Instance Of A Story Dungeon?


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I didn't know where to look for a solution to this problem but, I have a level 50 Summoner with Hongmoon level 5. I asked my friend and apparently the problem I have is, for the Ebon Hall dungeon, I guess the game thinks I'm in a party but I'm actually not, and it ends up putting me in the version of the dungeon that's meant for 4 people or whatever, which means I can't solo it. It's a story quest, Act 6 Chapter 9. I've tried entering the dungeon and exiting and reentering but it just tells me the next step of the quest is to defeat the boss, which I can't cause it has over 3 million health which I don't think it's supposed to if I'm entering the dungeon alone. I didn't know where else to turn to for help with this problem, and I'm sorry if there's already a thread for this that I didn't see.

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