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BD:pve prospect- <restart BnS from scratch>

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BD's usually provide decent amounts of DPS and CC for mechanics.
They also have restrain phantom grip to aid in some mechanics and dps boosts. Other than that, their party skills are utter garbage... =(

They really need better HM skill and party aid skills. I wish their Z could do a party buff, that'll be nice.

I would really just grab all HM skills, but to prioritize, HM guardian tempest variant (Z) is the most useful, everything else is kind of just luxury...

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i see...judging from what you commented.. their party role/aid is a bit below Assassin class? how about their dps rating against assassin in general if both are on the same gear n rotation mastery level?

would you say that BD is a miscellaneous class in pve when ppl trying to make a party? 

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Depends on the dungeon mechanics...

They usually can provide a very consistent amount of dps and cc for mechanics, but their isn't an exclusive need for BDs because of their lack of substantial party support, or an exclusive skill that no other class can provide.

Everything a BD can do, other classes can do as well + their own little knack.
Other classes hold more of an identity than what a BD can do because 90% of a BD's kit is essential for solo play only.
A BD usually doesn't spec outside of dps for PVE, because its detrimental to their DPS or rotation pattern since they have long cooldowns on their skills.

But when they do, it's usually pretty minimal as all they can do is party i-frame for a bit or increase move speed, kind of sad actually.

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Blade Dancers, in a short answer, are melee DPS. They're fast, nimble, have a few decent approach options and they can just output damage. Additionally, they are CC machines, having the ability to put 3 stun or knockdown CCs onto a target on their own... which really helps, since they are also one of the two classes that can provide Restraint, letting people use their restraint attacks to pour additional damage on a target for free. Also, in a pinch, they do have a quick party shield that can handle a brief attack.


Quite often, if your party doesn't have a tank, you'll often see a BD take aggro, simply because of their strong DPS. If a BD knows what they're doing, they can do a lot. If you have your tank, your BB, your SB and your Alpha, a BD is a good option. Heck, even if you don't. It's not like there's a BAD choice for a party (other than skills that would help for mechs).

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If you are interested in playing blade dancer hopefully that means you enjoy the class.  Blade dancers are fun to play, their spins are very useful for mitigating damage, stuns, dazes and knockbacks.  They can provide a three second party resist with maelstrom move 2.  You should play into what makes your role unique.  Since you have a restrain grab you should always look for a chance for the cc bars to open up to perform a cc and grab with phantom grip move 1.


Blade dancers are similar to assassins because both classes require fast inputs via keyboard/mouse to maintain their damage.


As to what skills you should prioritize for pve or pvp I would suggest getting the hongmoon skill lightning draw - volume 2 which boosts the damage of lightning draw move 1 substantially and is used in pve as well as pvp.  Another hongmoon skill that works in both pve and pvp is hongmoon secret technique - guardian tempest which boosts your Z skill.  For pve it'll increase your flaming scourge critical from 30% to 50% an additional 10% critical hit damage.  For pvp, the hongmoon guardian tempest will give six focus regen and heal you for an additional 5% of your health.  Fateful tome vortex is good to get since it reduces damage taken by 25% during vortex.  That can be useful in pve as well as pvp.  Hongmoon secret technique - vortex is strictly pvp but can make a big difference in allowing for extra aerials to be performed.  Sunder mastery is essential for pvp if you want to include the sunder skill as a reliable source of damage.  The last hongmoon skill I would get is the LMB hongmoon skill.

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