Grab Skill vs Lightning

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Does anyone know the differenec between those skills? im talking about Grab Skill Stage 1 (the one with the critical bonus) and the same skill BUT with unlocked with the hongmon book, since it sais "Restraineed for 6 seconds", a video could be helpful, and thanks!

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As far as I know, HM Grab has yet to be released in any region and there's no telling if the devs ever plan to make that final missing skill active in the first place. 


However the skill would most likely function like this.


Non-Hongmoon: When your target is grabbed it applies restrain allowing party members to use restrain-damage skills.

Hongmoon: Restrain is applied without actually having to grab with the CC being extended to compensate, you no longer get the stacking buff that comes from attacking a grabbed opponent. In exchange you're able to use your own restrain-damage skill on your own grab.


In short, you would get all the benefits of a restrained target without losing DPS or the awkwardness of the grab itself which would be a dream come true to higher geared Destroyers.

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