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Can we have ranking requirement for HM skills from pvp content removed?

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I don't understand the purpose of this gating. Are you trying to make more fodder players who fight a few to dozen matches (if they suck) to get to silver, so that pvp scene will look more lively in a fake way?


Meanwhile, you already make it hard for PvE players to earn HM skills from PvE content with abysmal drop rate plus the removal of easy-to-do Bloodshade book quest chain in favor of some hardly-drop Volume 4. I can understand if this is a sales strategy to make PvE players avoid the hassle to buy your Duelists' Bundle (Ncoin only, so real money have to be spent), but the silver-gating is counter-productive, as it turns them off and make them feel want to spend gold on F5 instead. Why forcing players to do what they don't like? You have long stop forcing PvP players from PvE to earn HM skills, so it is better to stop forcing PvE players to do PvP too, even if it is just a few match.


Also, plz make offals bound-to-account.

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it literally takes 1 win to get silver in 1v1 and 3v3.....and getting silver is easy i really do not see the issue here?

But if you want they can always put them into the achievement merchant with a requirement of 1500 or 2500 achievement points.

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