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game crashing after the first loading screen


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my game crashes everytime i enter the first loading screen , the one you get after you hit play . i've downloaded the game months ago , it worked okay, had some frame rate issues , and i had crashes in boss fights but i dealt with it . now i don't understand why i'm crashing . i don't have any razor stuff that stops bns , and my pc  handled the game just fine months ago. and i've also tried the "low end pc" option , it didn't work. i also tried creating a new character and it also didn't work . from what i recall i disconnected near a boss so i thought it was the one it made me crash but it wasn't. should i reinstall the game and try my luck again ? or do you all have other solutions ? thank you all for reading this and have a wonderful day.( i posted this on the wrong genre thingy mb)

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