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Areas that kill frames :[


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The Vile Blood Thrall for the weekly dungeon Fallen Aransu School kills my frames like a master assassin. I go from anywhere between 24-22 FPS to 8 or sometimes down to 5 FPS. Seems as though the effects from the thrall as well as environmental effects just eat the frames right up. I know you what you might be thinking: "Hey genius turn down the settings." I've done that and used the "optimize for low end PCs" option in graphics but it's still just as bad. So now you might be thinking, "Hey idiot get a new graphics card or computer" but that shit is expensive and I have no money. 

Fallen Aransu School isn't the only area I suffer from frame drops. Celestial Basin when the Croxar summon Dugash, Aomak summon Ujara, and excavation team summon Syrok all those weather effects and increased spawning mobs make my frames run and hide from me. Desolate tomb has a part before the iron juggernaut where you need to beat some mini boss and he has like 40 robots around him. When you kill him or even if you don't kill him the explosions from the robots and even sometimes just the robots spawning in will destroy my frame count for a moment or two. It gets better pretty quickly but the lag from the frame loss causing input delay makes it so that I can't react to a bunch of robots exploding unless I do so WAAAY before they explode. 

So there's been a lot of complaining so far and nothing constructive. Let me fix that: my suggestion to help with this is to add an option in the graphics tab of settings that will minimize the frame loss of weather, environmental, and multiple spawning effects. Maybe have it so it looks something like this in the settings. I have boxes for the 3 things I mentioned so that people would be able to pick and choose what effects they want minimized. Some computers may be able to handle it all while others may not. It would also help to identify possible problems having the ability to choose each individual part and testing if it causes lag, frame loss, etc.


[X] Minimize the effects of Weather, environmental, and multiple spawning (check this setting for better performance overall)
[X] Weather
[X] Environmental
[X] Multiple Spawning

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