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Any suggestion on what I should use 800Ncoins ?

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I generally buy Moonstone Crystals, Moonstone, Elysian Orbs, Sacred Orbs, Evolved Stones and Transformation Stones/Premium Transformation Stones from F10 when they are in the specials. Sometimes the specials also contain pets or outfits.


You could gamble and buy some pet pouches, hope you get a rare pet and sell it for $$$$$$.


Ultimately up to you. You could also start saving it for Trove.

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And got moust?

Buy 2 char slots, gonna get 90 gold per 1+ char, will get 2 spaces for event, like last one is 2 sacred oil and pet pod for each, 1 throve key from each, just from mooshin 1-8 +5 gold in 20 mins and so one just from story end char.

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You shouldn't buy things which you dont know how to use, that's my advice.


Try to get an idea of the game first, see the things that you need, see which can be farmed and which not.


In regards to the post above, buying moonstones, elysians, sacred orbs is a big waste of the coins - dont do it - these are items which you can farm every single day by doing dungeons in F8

evolved stones you dont even need until later in the game, i havent even started using mine and i've been playing for 1 year already.


Yes you should spend your coins on premium transformation stones simply because you can earn profit in game by doing so. Also, it's incredibly hard to obtain, you cannot just farm it and you need RNG to actually make one. 

One premium stone is worth 400g right now in game (the lowest is about 350g during certain events) - which equals to 800 coins. However, when it is on special sale you can buy one for 450 coins. And then you can sell it and make a profit of about 150g in game.

Take that profit you made, go to F9 and sell the gold there, get more coins and buy more premium stones and sell them again for that profit.

1gold = 2 coins right now in F9 - which is the gold->coins exchange mechanism.


If you plan on buying your way through the game, then that's a different story and you can buy just whatever you want :)

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Reason more to buy duellist bundle because in PVE you will have to pay something like 900-1000 gold to unlock some of your crucial skills.

But if you can't spend more it's ok to wait for PVE HM skills fix acquisition that is currently broken and that may never happen.

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1 hour ago, Towik said:

Thanks for all the replies :)

I don't do any kind of PvP ,I have retarded eyes and my sight is getting worse and worse... so no pVp for me 


I already Purchased 800 Ncoins ,so cannot spend more 5$

then save it until you can buy 5 dollars more. hm skills are pretty crucial for some classes and the ONLY way to get them in a timely manner is pvp. chilling flame elixir costs like 500g to make and that's if you're lucky that there's an asura ember on market.

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