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Returning Player: Confused


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Hey all, 

I'm a returning player, was in Chinese Beta but also started here 2 years ago until my BD hit 45.


So after more than a year, I decided to come back and see what's up with new character (since going further prev Main char is too confusing due many patches and changes)


So right now I see so much has changed: skill tree, skills, weapons and acc upgrade,..


Is there a place or Youtube channel that explains/covers all those changes from the past year?

Because I'm really confused, so much has changed.. Didnt know HongMoon acc got removed from the game and was more confused knowing you could no longer upgrade wep and acc with other weapons you looted.. Also PETS and SOULS? :o


So I really have no idea what to focus on with my new FM (at lv 21).. Since there isnt anything to upgrade..


Like literally any change from the past year and half is unknown to me.. (including Mushin Tower, came right after I left the game..)


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Welcome back then ;) 


hm yeah a lot changed, I am not sure there are videos in a broad context. There should be videos for your class if you are looking for that...

As what to do now, just go with the yellow quest. It gives you everything you need (pet, soul, gems, upgradable weapon with act 7, weapons to use till then and soul shields and accessories).

The upgrading weapons and accessories stuff comes back later at end game, you just start it with you legendary weapon, wich you get gifted by the story (or buy in grand harvest for naryu silver to get 6 gem slots ;) ).

The skill system got easier in a way, but you have to decide for one element. You can always switch freely between the elements and functions of skills. If you want to see what you can actually change, check the box at the top so it only shows skillable skills. So no points needed to learn those. But you will notice, that some have a red "book" in the corner, when you hover over that book, the skill description changes a little. Those are the HM skills, which you can get later when you finished the story (from farming or buying it, check U - character - abilites for what you need), although I think that was there before (I didn't have the old system very long). Other than that you can just easily play around with your skills and get to know where you can change what.


Pets are like skins for you pet stone (if thats the english name). The stone give the stats and serves as a house for the pet, so to speak (read that from another user, explains it perfectly). The pet stone serves defensive pruposes, you get it with a pinguin skin from the story, no need to worry about that, you don't rush the update.

Soul is an offensive stat giver. In the early stages it gives some crit. The furter you go, the better that gets, plus you get a additional effect, which can trigger on hit and buffs your damage by a lot (of the soul is high enough). 


For all other things to do after you finished the story (wich is your main goal for now), I will post a link as I don't want to rewrite it again ^^

although you might know some of the things, it is a not so short summary.

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Basically the only thing you need to focus on is doing the story quest. The story quests will give you almost everything, new weapons, new accessories, soul shields, gems, souls and pet aura. There are no upgrading/evolving weapons and accessories until you reach legendary items.



Story will get you all the way to level 55, Hongmoon lvl6+ (HM for short). You'll start getting HM levels at lvl50 until you start doing Act 8 of the main story, at which you will switch back to normal levels and it'll bring you all the way to lvl55. HM levels will give you 5 stat points each, which you can put into attack or defence by clicking the "P" button. Every couple of points will give you a bonus.



You'll get stronger and stronger weapons from the story. Things like world bosses and dungeons are optional and provide weapons stronger then the story ones. You can also buy "Hongmoon Brilliant Viridian/Cinderlands key" from the "Dragon Express", a button at the bottom of your inventory. The key will guarantee your class weapon from weapon chests in that region. At the beginning of Act 7, the first story quest will give you the choice of a Dark or Light legendary weapon box, which will give you a Baleful/Seraph stage 1 weapon. When you open it, it'll have between 3-6 gem slots. You should keep buying Dark/Light boxes until you get 6 gem slots. You can buy more for 5 naryu silver from any Naryu Coin exchanger, doesn't have to be in Grand Harvest Square, incase it lags for you or you just don't like it. When upgrading your weapon up to stage 9, always use the "Void Fragment" option , as it is cheaper and void fragments are easy to get from the daily dash.



Story will give you up to Lucent Accessories and Solak Accessories. If you look at the equipment upgrade path (it's a button at the bottom of your inventory), you'll see that there are Pinnacle and Hollow Accessories, which are better versions of Lucent/Solak. Pinnacle gives the most attack power but can only be gotten from Silverfrost heroic (purple) dungeons. Hollow Accessories can be bought from the Naryu Coin merchant in "Valindria", a town you unlock near the end of Act 8. You'll also get your first glove accessory in Act 8 but I recommend buying the "Hollow Gloves" as soon as you enter Valindria. As you only get the gloves from the final quest, and you would need the hollow gloves anyway, in case you ever work on the legendary gloves.


Legendary accessories are all rare dungeon drops, each one coming from a specific dungeon. Most of the time you'll be getting "Draken Cores" and"Hellion Cores". You can go to the Achievement merchant in "Zaiwei" and buy one accessory for 200 cores after clearing the dungeon at least once. Elemental Accessories are from Raids, which can only be completed once a week and require up to 12 players. There are other ways to buy the accessories, but I can't remember them all.



The story will give you both a "Hongmoon Stage 1 Soul" and a "Solak Soul". Solak soul is able to upgrade into Hongmoon Soul Stage 4. Not alot to say about souls, you can see all the stats in the upgrade path. One version of the soul is for extreme burst damage, the other is for more consistent high damage. Overall, souls are very expensive to upgrade and I'd recommend only working on it if you have nothing else to work on.


Pet Aura:

Story will give you a basic pet aura, then a Hongmoon pet aura Stage 1 which is the first upgrade after basic. Also not much to say here, it's one linear upgrade all the way to it's final form. Pets themselves are just skins for the aura. You can apply the skin onto the aura just like you would apply a skin to a weapon. You can also store pets into the showcase. Pets also have 2 appearances each, their basic and their ultimate form. You need to fuse a pet with another copy of itself to reach Awakened, then do it again to get Ultimate. The appearance is purely cosmetic.


Soul shields:

Act 8 will give you a full set of the Midnight Skypetal Plains (MSP) legendary soul shield. The way legendary soul shields work, is that upon unsealing, it'll get one random stat. Using another of the same soul shield will upgrade the stat values until you max it out. You can also fuse soul shield primers onto to add more stats. All legendary soul shields come from raids.



Story will give you triangle gems, then square gems later on. All of the gems are now Hongmoon gems with attack power. You can fuse 3 of the same gem to reach the next tier, how ever you need gem power/fragments and you should never try to fuse your way to hexagonal gems. As you can just buy Hexagonals for 4 gem powder in the dragon express. You can also buy pentagonal gems with solar energy, which you get from completing your daily challenge quests that's unlocked at lvl 55. You can also break gems to get gem powder. Pentagonals breaks into 1 powder, Hexagonals into 4, can't remember the rest. So this means you can switch between hexagonals gems for free.


Not sure if i'm forgetting anything else. There are 3 more quest chains after completing Act 8. It gives you things like Legendary Raven soul shield, your legendary pvp weapon, etc.

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@Annysan , @LunaticAzure , thanks a lot for taking the time to explain the changes to returning players, I was completely LOST and now thanks to you guys I know what to focus and what to do.


Huge thanks. 

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@LunaticAzure I'm also new and I have a question: Which Legendary should I have choosed as a Soul Fighter?  I took the Light one having no clue at all and when I asked to ppl in the /faction they told me that I should have taken the Dark weapon.  How bad is to have the Light weapon? 

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15 hours ago, Luzh said:

@LunaticAzure I'm also new and I have a question: Which Legendary should I have choosed as a Soul Fighter?  I took the Light one having no clue at all and when I asked to ppl in the /faction they told me that I should have taken the Dark weapon.  How bad is to have the Light weapon? 

I'm not really sure for soul fighter, but in general the light/Seraph weapon requires you to get hit to activate the effect and I'm pretty sure soul fighter isn't really a tank. So you'll pretty much never activate the effect in part play. Have you already upgraded the weapon? If so, how far? Also does it have 6 gem slots? If you haven't upgraded it very far, you can buy the dark/Baleful weapon. Keep buying until you have 6 gem slots.

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