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Top 5 most chill class in pve?

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Returning to game as a chill casual noobie... just wanna have fun n not worry about catching up with the latest patch..... probably playing an hour or 2 on weekdays n a bit more on weekends...  could anyone list me 5 chill pve class ...

By chill i mean:

Don't have much role in dg that will cause sweep .  . . 

Have all 9 classes at lv 50 hm 1 - 10 when i last quit.... yea im aware my weapon now is useless af with all the patches n updates 

How long would it take to lv a gs from lv 1 to 55 with the current story n quest line

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Gunslinger for sure, also it's one of the useless classes which you would think to take into a group the last. Wipe depends on your role not your skills mostly. But in skill question everybody can expect dandelion/decoy from SUM/ASS (yes, ass class), freeze/iron shield from FM/DES and so on. The class you can't expect anything is really only goooner.

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Gunslingers are certainly one of the easier classes to play. They can do quite well without needing a lot of time or gold investment. Frost Soul Fighter can also be very easy to use... once you have the Chilling Flame Elixir hongmoon skill and the Blue Moon soul badge (a little more investment), you can pretty much RMB and forget =p


Mind you, there is not bad option.

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5 classes to me that don't have major roles would be gunslinger, warlock(sb only), destroyer, bladedancer, and soulfighter(though they have a big role in VT like healing and res)

Gunslingers are pretty chill but also be aware that you might end up having to be the tank if there is no tank in the party or no one with higher dps than you. Even with a tank in the party I always ended up pulling aggro and being the tank because I did too much dps. There are also way too many gunners already, I see some clans recruiting with no gunslingers in their announcement.


I think warlock is also a pretty chill class. Only thing you are responsible for is soulburn. Also easier to get into raids and parties.


However, gunslinger is the better choice for solo play.


Another thing is that ranged classes are responsible for doing the ranged mechanics in dungeons. Such as faraway mark.

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