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Brilliant Moonwater Keys ???

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I recently decided there was a few weapon skins I wanted from old world drop boxes. Some of them require 30 minutes of work to get one box, and I can't seem to find Blue keys anymore. None are on the market and of course the HMS only offers Silverfrost+ keys. Green and Red keys are on the Dragon Express, but I've only seen Blue keys so far as possible RNG awards. Problem is, an RNG box with an RNG key is just ridiculous for old content. I've literally run 25 or so, old dailies to see if I could get a key. The drop rate must be up there with venture tokens as I've not seen ONE key.  I get the RNG aspect, but this is old content, why not just put them on the DE or for sale somewhere?


To that end, I'm reaching out to you guys. Anyone know if there is a place to buy them for Naryu Silver or Iron? Maybe I'm just missing something. My online research shows no comments about them since April of 2016 (obviously because the game has moved on). Any farming tips for them? It's not like I need a ton of them.


Any help in speeding the process other than praying to RNGeesus would be great.


Thanks all

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I thought about that too. Thinking , well it might be a waste of that key, but it would be only a couple and at least I have a stack of those keys, but it doesn't update when I have them in my inventory, so it must be Moonwater exclusive, sadly.

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