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Hongmoon points


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The hm Points are kinda situational ;) But that is the great thing about them, you can relocate them any time you are not in fight, for free.

Assuming you are not that well geared and doing normal dungeons, I would go 10 def and rest offence, just in case you get hit by something. For most PVE stuff 10 points in deff is more than enough. If you do actually die a lot or feel unsafe, go with 20, although you shold not get hit that much. For example in the citadel, I would recommend 20 points, sure you can do mech, but in most cases at least one ignores you with your stealth and you get damage anyway, 20 points are nice for those cases.


If you are going to do tower of infinity, you probably should go 20 points in def, it helps a lot, especially when you have to kinda relearn what they do ;) Of course 6v6 is another story, not sure about minimum health there...


Also... I got to a point where I have over 100k hp without points in def, which is my personal barrier for putting points there ;) Of course depending on what I am doing I still get some points to deff. Just remember, it is more effective to go 10/20 points in def than 15 or something. spare points are better off in attack, because for defence you mainly want to get the bonus stats from 10/20 points.



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