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I've finished main quest and stuff, Now I want to grind some dungeons to get better gears. Am currently grinding to get the 200 Orbs for Legendaries. Its proving to be hard doing it on my own cause people see me in lobby and leave cause am not at 1k AP, So am asking if anyone that is willing and can help me (if you have time that is) I would really appreciate it. Am NA, Zulia server, AP 867, weapon baleful bracers Stage 2 and I got pinnacal items.So yea if you can help please hit me up. Even if I can just get one legendary item that would be awesome. 

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I am not in NA, so ni direct help, but I got a suggestion.

It sounds like you are joining lobbies in the chat where they ask for more ap. Of course you get kicked there.

Try just using the looking for party button, most groups just get going as they are. You would also most like want to start with the bracelet, but you need 10 runs sanctum first, not sure if that if possible right now (in eu I would just go for looking for party and see how it goes, you can try if you want to)

Next priority should be necklace. Not sure which dungeon you are running, but after completing the daily quest, personally I would suggest going DT. Yes EC is easier, but it actually hase a tiny bit mech in there, which is why most ec runs are longer if you cannot do the mech yourself (not sure with the english weapon names, if you are a fm, go for ec as you can freeze people and be fine)


Also did you see the quest The dead will never die (or something like that)? It involves doing soguns lament up to foundry, then 16. floor of mushin tower. you get 250 tokens for that quest, so you might wanna see if you got it (under J) and do what is missing :)

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Thanks I already started doing the 10 run dungeons. I got my first legendary item it was the ring from boss drop lol. I go into crossover dungeon and that's where I get people leaving saying am to weak lol, I really appreciate the advice believe it thanks a lot. 

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