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I've been playing since summer 2016, and have enjoyed the game quite a lot.  Yes there have been problems, yes there were always things I didn't care for, but never, ever before have I been so convinced by a patch that NCSoft / NCWest doesn't care at all about their NA/EU userbase, doesn't understand us at all, and most disturbingly, thinks that extending a middle finger to paying players is good business.


  • Event Dungeon.  It's complicated.  I love the idea of a really hard, mech based dungeon, but NOT for an event, and most definitely not as the only event dungeon.  And not with event currency that requires users to run with statics 24/7 to get anything remotely decent.  This can't be run in f8, it's incomprehensibly ill-conceived and I have NO idea what NCWest was thinking with this.  This is an anniversary event, and it's like you are giving your general userbase a HUGE MIDDLE FINGER.  
  • Premium.  Where to begin on this one... THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!  I am an annual subscriber, level 10.  You have given everybody else exactly the same thing I have spent the last 1.5 years accumulating as a loyal premium member.  Fine, no problem, I can accept and appreciate wanting to give every paying member the awesome benefits we have 'earned' at level 10.  Compensation of 60 days of free premium is MEANINGLESS because I've already paid for it, and when I let it expire you probably won't see me in this game anymore, which at the rate the devs are going is going to be soon.   Verdict: 10/10 way to reward loyal customers who have stuck by you for this long, coughing up our hard earned cash which you don't appreciate and obviously NEVER want to see any more of.
  • Pay RNG box for cosmetics.  Blech.  Ok, if there was an event our couple events that offered anything worthwhile to what players you have / will have remaining in this game you're so busy trying to destroy, maybe.  But at this point our anniversary disaster event offers nearly nothing to 99.99% of players besides this massive cuck.  Way to go.  Guess what: I'll be spending exactly $0.00 on this garbage.
  • Login Rewards.  I'm guessing this is the 15 HMcoins per day.  I hate to complain about free (oh wait.... it's not free, we're premium subscribers) but that's damn stingy.  So no more XP?  I really liked the XP, saves a lot of early alt grinding... just saying. 
  • I actually kinda like the free costume, and 7 days free premium would be great if I wasn't an annual subscriber, so way to take care of us that have stuck by you.   I feel special.


I'd TLDR this "anniversary" event is the worst event I've experienced in BnS, Premium cucks annual subscribers, who gives a #$% about RNG costume boxes.


I'm on my last legs BnS.  I've stuck by you, rolled with the punches, but feels a lot like the last straw.


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And I even forgot to whine about Daily Dash, which is another 10/10 lump of coal in players anniversary patch of wonders!

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