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It's us, not the event or event dungeon.

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In my opinion, there is an easy way to challenge yourself as a BnS player every day. From EC up to Sanctum (no matter if normal or hard mode), always LFP in F8 instead of making a party with any requirements. Run the dungeon with whoever you get, no matter the gear or level or class, no matter if there is no tank or no sb or you get 6 players of the same class. If things go very wrong, explain roles, mechs and strategy in a non derogatory way and in the simplest manner you can (not everyone speaks or masters English and gaming) and try again. Never ever leave the party unless it's evident that you cannot make it after enough tries, and don't ever leave it without a word, let alone cursing everyone. Keep a good mood at all times and infect the whole party with it, make them all talk and laugh. And beat the dungeon. You'd be surprised at how much more fun the game gets. 

As for this anniversary event dungeon, being an anniversary one, it should have included everyone that plays the game, no matter how good or bad they are. A mixture of NCsoft/community mindset prevented this, so no, it is not fun for many players. 

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People are just too use to just doing their daily challenge and easy-mode event dungeons. It's like normal mode, cheese strats in raids, and old content that they're over-geared for is how it should b

Did u get a payment for say that or anything?

the issue here is that the Event is basicaly harder than VT boss 1-2 and mainly drops MSP Soulshields. And you need to run it a considerable ammount of times to get enuf tokens to buy anything of valu

Thing is when blackram was made it wasn't this hard, if they wanted to take us back they should have made it like it was when she first came out, instead they made it stupidly hard and it doesn't make since. btw this isn't going to hurt whales because they swiped the first time if they don't want to do this dungeon they will swipe again which makes them more money so its a win for them.



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9 hours ago, Wataru said:

I don't recall suggesting they would 2-man it.

Need 4 more co-workers to play a 20-30 minute dungeon with you without abusing GM power. Add five minutes every time you wipe. You think NCWest will allow to show off the bad side of the game? :D


Or they can just simple spawn the best HP food and face-tank all mech, lol.


In the end, it reflects nothing. "Dev needs to play their game" <- NCWest's employees are not Developers, though. So whether Jona and Bethany succeed or fail the dungeon is not really a matter. So why wasting time for that when you still have beans to count?

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