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Social Clan Suggestions

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Social clans are a cool way to meet people but the system is currently lacking in several areas and these clans could benefit from the following:


  1. Add member ranks - currently the only rank available is Leader. It would be nice if Advisor was also an option, and could be distributed to several people within each clan at the discretion of the leader. Ranks/titles help members know who they can go to if they experience a problem.
  2. Remove member kick limits - I tried to remove players who are no longer active in game but there is a limit to the number of kicks a leader can perform per day. The limit seems to be ONE. This is ludicrous. It would take 30+ days to kick the inactives from this clan!
  3. Toggle advertising (on H screen) ON/OFF. Social clans are automatically listed/advertised on the Clan page (H) and anyone can join them. The advertisement period only seems to end when the clan hits 80 people. Give leaders the option to turn advertising OFF. There is no point in 24/7 advertising if you are playing from a specific time zone and want to recruit from that time zone. There will be players in my clan who have never seen more than one or two people online at a time because they joined through H and don't match the time zone of the majority of the members. That doesn't allow for socialization.
  4. Ability to switch to competitive clan without first disbanding. Support tells me that it is currently not possible to switch a clan from social to competitive without disbanding the entire clan. This is frustrating in that if a clan, as a whole, decides they would like to craft or move onto the more competitive aspects of the game, they cannot do easily do it. My clan has 92 people in it, even dropping the 30 or so that are inactive, that's 60 people that have to leave, wait days for the clan name to clear from the system, and then be invited to join again.


Directed here from support, because they cannot increase the amount of people I can kick daily and they instead suggested I post this here.

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25 minutes ago, Geneziz said:

I started a clan on my character to try and craft hongmoon pellet. Within a month or two, my clan was automatically categorized as competitive. Without the need to disband people.

My clan is several months old; no reclassification.

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I don't know of active social clans on Zulia or anywhere where people know each other or do much together. From what I've seen people stick a very low geared alt in and almost never talk to the 0-2 other people that might be online. New players either move on, make a new main, or join an established clan. They serve a purpose, but it just doesn't seem like a big deal.



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