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How to bug bomb as Summoner?

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To see who has the bug bomb: look at the party member list, if a person has a bug bomb, his/her name will light up (like when you draw agro)

If you got bug bomb: get out of the middle and go far away. Go back in the middle after the bomb exploded


However: there are times bug bomb would stick on the ground (meaning it didnt land on anyone since no one's name is light up), all 3 people in the middle need to get out otherwise you all will get killed


Bug bomb explosion radius is 10m


IF there is an FM with you in the middle because bug bomb 99% of the time would go to FM who has their fire orbs up. Therefore, all you need to is pew pew and watch the party member list to see who has it and react accordingly.


I wouldn't recommend summoner to stay mid if you are the only summoner (like me in my raid) since you will be needed to revive people.

If there are FM and Gunner with good gear in your group, it's best to let them gets the priority to stay mid due to their high DPS/burst.


Just my thoughts.


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