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Sogun´s Lament Belt Q

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The question is: now that we don´t receive any upgradeable accessories anymore, how do I get this belt that reduces brand damage from Asura? Necropolis for the scorpio belt is a bad idea as it´s pretty much a dead dungeon and due to its mechanics not soloable.



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4 hours ago, Rea Shinwa said:

If I am not mistaken, Asura's brand doesn't exist anymore (someone corrects me if I am wrong, please).

you are correct, asura's brand was removed

also i rarely see flowers spawn due to the overkills but those still poisons you and practically still painful

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20 hours ago, Stacey Banks said:

Even if it still did exist, you should be fine without a special belt. Asura dies in seconds

Really? didn´t work out so well for the pug party I was in. We failed at first boss actually and that was when I decided to do a bit more research^^ Bad luck I guess.

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soguns can be soloed, if you are realy whale. Ikaruga would be the problem well timed iframe and lots of DPS will do the job. Also soguns has a change of dropping the "asura ember" wich is worth a lot on F5. Granted it's a rare drop so i wouldn't farm the dungeon for it... But doing it daily or even just when it's on the daily challenge is still usefull. altho whith the upcomming daily challenge changes...


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wow.  sl is doable in story gear now. even pretty sure first boss can be cheesed with all on one side.

just don't KD.


second boss. just make sure people can double cc the adds to get the shields if dps isnt' high enough to ignore this.


asura. with a group fresh out of story gear, this can still be a challenge.


1) grab at start for unloading of restraint skills.

2) block/counter/parry/etc orbs.

3) call back cat/thrall to make sure it doesn't get marked and lure the swords to a bad spot.

4) everyone group by dragonblood when boss goes to center to aim the orbs

5) marker must lure fire swords away from party (this is what usually causes wipes there now, they hit HARD)

6) if flowers do spawn take them with iframes. spread out who takes them if you must.

7) iframe the vacumm


he rarely even gets to summon flowers now except in the worst of pugs.

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