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Old outfits on Fridays

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Yeah, the last costume rotations were a big disappointment and this new tactic to hide everything somewhat interesting in random boxes is a really bad development.


I'd love to see all the shop costumes available all the time, like they did in Aion, but I guess that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

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By continuing such shady business practices, they serve more than one purpose. Firstly, of course they want your money and as much of it as possible. Secondly, they don't make ALL of the costumes and adornments available at all times, because it works like a coupon system, which I'll explain in a bit. They want to keep you on the hook, making sure you'll log onto BNS, periodically, to check out the Hongmoon Store, where you and other people will HOPE you'll find the item you missed out on last year, thinking it's about time it would show up again. If you're like me, and you want certain cosmetics, but don't always get them when they are first released, either to lack of funds or due to bad luck with BNS' RNG gambling, you'll check every rotation to see what's new and check every night or every morning to see if anything cool posted in the "Today's Specials" around 19:00 EST, the night before. What I was referring to with coupon systems is this: You ever wonder WHY a drug store or supermarket chain requires you to have their "rewards card" instead of simply marking items down on a shelf for you to get your so-called "savings"...? The silly coupons that print out with your receipts at "point of purchase" are the incentive to come back and spend more money. If you have a coupon that says you'll get $5 knocked off of your NEXT transaction if you buy $20 worth of shampoo, when you probably only want two bottles, (being one shampoo and one conditioner), you're more likely to spend a few extra dollars just to hit that $20 requirement to have the $5 knocked off. I know, right...? --Spending MORE mney to "save" money...? It sounds like you're at a car dealership, where the car you want, for a limited time, will give you $3,000 cash back if you buy the car right now. It's nothing for the dealership to make it sound like they're knocking $3K off of the price of the car when the price tag is already at $50K. The NC business model wants you to THINK your premium membership, if you have one, saves you money, when the price for everyone else without the subscription is actually just a markup disguised as YOUR discount. If they kept all outfits on the Hongmoon Store, sure, they could make money on them all year round, but people spend more money than that when the items they want come from RNG boxes - gambling for what they want. The revenue from the trove and rng box gambling is much higher than the revenue from items in the store, sitting there at a flat, static, guaranteed price. Also, if the devs in KR were too lazy to make new fashions for us to have every two weeks, this same business model makes it possible to hold back on the "cool stuff" and milk the heck out of old, previously released, UGLY outfits that some people buy JUST to add to their collection in the wardrobe. I'm a huge cosmetic collector myself, but some of these recirculated outfits really are ugly, but that's just my opinion. Being a popular opinion, it's not unreasonable for a lot of people to feel like NC is trying to milk those old, uglier items as much as they can. While they hold back on the good stuff, some of the cool older stuff never gets recirculated, like the "Blue Sunglasses", which I've wanted for a long time now. Oh, but by all means, put the same ugly items in the "Today's Specials" two to three times... Ugh...

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