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Assassin Limitless soul badge bug


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For those who doesn't know, the current soul badge description says:

Triggers Sapling effect for 6 sec. on a successful Shadow Drain

Reduces Time Bomb's cooldown on a successful Heart Stab during Sapling effect

Reduces Fighting Spirit's cooldown by 0.5 sec. on a successful Heart Stab during Divine Tree effect [aka Sapling effect, translation mistake here]


Triggers Magnum effect for 6 sec. when using Poison Breath or Choke Bomb

Reduces Poison Breath, Venom Swarm and Choke Bomb's cooldown by 3 sec. on a successful Heart Stab during Magnum effect


What did i discover?

The sapling effect also reduces Choke Bomb's cooldown by 3 sec on a successful Heart Stab when used separtaly on a dummy (by letting the magnum effect run out after using choke bomb), which is not part of the description neither ingame nor on other fansites (bnstree.com)


The magnum effect works as intended when used solo.


When the sapling and the magnus effect time overlaps, both effects stop working when the first triggered effect runs out. I guess this bug is produced by the unwanted Choke Bomb cooldown reduction on the sapling effect which might break the buff system, as the system gives the first buff priority and can't be overwritten by the second that's triggered...


An indicator that the whole sapling buff gets extinguished by the magnum buff is also the fact, that after the magnum buff runs out, there is no more cooldown reduction for Fightning Spirit on a successful Heart Stab  (which is the second sapling effect). Also if both buffs are independend of each other, Choke Bomb's cooldown should be reduced by 6 seconds on a successful Heart Stab, due the bugged sapling effect, which is no happening.


How can you reproduce that?

Use the Choke Bomb, get the Magnum effect and after that go into hide and get the Sapling effect on the successful Shadow Drain 3 seconds after using Time Bomb. You will see, that the Time Bomb's cooldown isn't reduced any further as the magnum buff runs out, while the sapling buff is still alive for a few seconds.


I tried it the other way around, triggering the Sapling effect first and the Magnum effect after. Which also shows, the mentioned facts, that the sapling effect reduces Choke Bomb's cooldown and as it runs out, the leftover magnum effect doesn't reduce the cooldown anymore.


What does that mean?

Well in general it means, that the effects aren't independent if they are use together. It doesn't matter which one is used first, the second one will be cut of by at least the time you need to trigger it, which results in a shorter effect duration as the description says.



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