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So if they never fix the stuck-in-combat bug....


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What I would like to see added is a timer that notifies the player of how long they'll be in combat. You have something close to that with the animation for putting your weapon away and your stamina going from grayed out to green but it's not all that helpful. My stamina bar was green and weapons put away but I still couldn't use a dragon pulse or anything else out of combat. Meaning of course I was still in combat but I had everything else in the game telling me I wasn't. I'd love to see the timer added so at least there's no speculation that it's the warlocks fault and they have to summon thrall and have them jump to the warlock then we wait and hope HOPE that this is what takes you out of combat. 

If the timer can't be added for whatever reason I have another suggestion. The animation for putting the weapon away is already in the game so if you could attach that animation to a key binding like "R" or whatever and have the character sheath their weapon at will to reset the individual's in combat timer I think it would help stop the bug from eating up so much time. I'm kind of talking out my ass because I'm not a game designer, programmer, developer, or anything of the sort but it's just an idea. I'm kind of tired of having combat last 10 seconds and stuck in combat bug last at least 30-40 seconds.
 275201209ac333dfff391e1bb8aea7f7.pngSuper tired of that actually. 

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On 1/4/2018 at 8:08 PM, LatasReturn Volume 5 said:

Well this is the first time I somehow need to kinda "protect" NCSoft ... never thought I would say these words ....

The Stuck in combat bug exists since nearly the first MMO and couldnt never be fixed in any MMO. I guess there are to many variables.

I just can't agree with that. Even if they can't truly "fix" it I'm positive they could do things to minimize the impact it has in game. I suggested two possible things. I'd at least like some indication of when i'll be out of combat without guessing if its 3 seconds or 30 seconds. 

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