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Limitless soul badge bug?


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Actually this bug is good bug for light sins. Since using one of the both skills can trigger both effects at same time, your rotation can just be 4(choke bomb)→1/v→2(time bomb) and start doing 4+rmb. With 8 set of vt ss you literally won't have problem doing the rotation and keeping the time bomb up. Because if you failed doing 4+r and have not refresh both chock bomb and time bomb, you can just press 1(shadow drain) at stealth and you can refresh them. 

It actually helps you doing all rotation. Just remember to not use shadow drain instantly after you have used choke bomb. You just need to remove shadow drain from your start up rotation and use it when need. 

And you can have shadow slash mov 3 which stacks poison too, after shadow drain is not that important with bug. And it will be easier to keep up the 5 poison stacks somehow. 

With vt ss, using limitless now you can keep up very close to 100% time covering of dynasty effect during bosses if you do all mechs correctly, and 100% of pulse effect. But it still being less stable than arcana soul badge. 

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