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Earth Soul Fighter's HM Cobalt Punch Move 1 - Give it a little love

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For some reason, HM Cobalt Punch Move 1 boosts the skill's damage and procs cooldown reset when used on opponent that is grabbed or phantom gripped.


In solo instance, you have no one doing grab or grip for you to execute the skill.


In group instance, you need specific classes that can grab or grip. Then you need specific bosses where it can be actually grabbed or gripped for HM Cobalt Punch to become useful.


In raid, the only bosses that can be grabbed/gripped is Megagura in Dawn of Khanda Vihar and Venom Skydrake in Skybreak Spire. The rest of the raid bosses are immune to grab/grip.


In 1v1, you don't use this because you would prefer the Move 2 where it is more pvp-oriented.


In 3v3 and 6v6, again, you need specific classes to be able to use Move 1. Even so, Move 2 is still much better, and you don't often have a lot of grab time to execute Move 1, unless opponents waste their Tab and get grabbed.


In short, HM version of Cobalt Punch Move 1 is useless for most of the time. It is very wasteful of Chilling Flame Elixir and makes no sense at all, both pvp and pve wise. If you are an Earth SF, you may not care. But for an Ice-turn-Earth SF where the elixir has been consumed, it looks like a waste.


I think HM Cobalt Punch Move 1 needs buff. At least increase base damage with HM version. It would be cool if it can help reduce cooldown of Iron Shoulder on critical hit too, but I guess it will involve some other changes to balance the DPS. Or it will make Breaking Claw auto-critical when score a critical attack.

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18 hours ago, amokk said:



Difference between HM and non HM

My mistake about base damage.


I stand correct about the bonus, though. Being gated behind Grab/Grip is being 70% useless in 6-man, and 100% useless in solo and raid contents. Even group PvP content does not have much use of it.


It would be much better if they change/add the bonus to either one of those:

-Make Breaking Claw auto-critical with a critical Cobalt Punch.

-Refund one Focus on critical Cobalt Punch.

-Reduce cooldown of Iron Shoulder on critical Cobalt Punch.

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