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After the main quest...


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Hello !


Started a gunner a few days ago after quitting the game for 1 year. Now I played through the whole main quest with no clue what to focus on next... What I´d like to know is which dungeons/areas I can run and which I will most likely get kicked out. And how to get to the point when I can join those more difficult dungeons too. Thanks <3


(Currently spamming celestial basin which is pretty easy as long as I´m not gang banged)


Stats: https://postimg.org/image/5vznwfiwz/

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Thanks for answering. I´m stuck to small steps and slowly increasing my AP, but it seems it will take a while as long as I stay f2p :D


EDIT: Figure the first step towards increasing AP is upgrading the weapon, getting pinnacle accessories and running dailies for the gems. Still kinda nervous that I will *** up the dungeon mechancis of the more difficult ones haha

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it indeed is a long run for free to play (I am f2p myself, I know your pain ;) ). 

While getting the weapon up and getting pinnacle is indeed a good step, you should not start with gems for the daily sun orbs. The soul badge is way more important and increases your damage way more than some 10 ap, so you might want to aim for that first ;) also mystic soul badge, but i guess you got that one as you were farming basin. I can't tell you which one specific as I don't play gunner :(

But doing dailies is definitly the right way, you can also do all 3 weeklies regardless of ap, so try that as well :) 

And don't worry, dungeons hardly have mechs in normal mode, not much to mess up ;) if you are really unsure thell them you are new.


Also, you shouls also try to get better stats on you soul shields, try to aim for 50% crit and 120% accuracy (55% crit and 125% accuracy would be better, but you gotta start somewhere ;) ) therefore open soul shields from msp to get crit and/or acc as a stat fuse these with other msp from the same number (to increase stats) and also use primers to get more crit (mainly) and acc to it (it is cheapest if you make them yourself)

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