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Current/updated Warlock Build?


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Hello, as the title says, I need some help with a build (including gear).

Currently, I’m running the game with 500 ms and from reading the forums, apparently, I should do a frost build as shadow relies on ping.

Can some of you MLG warlock mains tell me what skills I should use and what gear should I aim to get?

Thank you!

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In another thread which I replied in here it goes over shadow gear with some tips and what and how you should be progressing in end game content. The only difference will be your soul badge, mystic badge, and farming for ice accessories. Soul badge for ice, you will want to get the magnum soul badge and for the mystic, you want the skyrift badge.


Assuming you don't have hongmoon abilities yet, you will want to farm/buy them. Most important ones will be your RMB which comes for the chilling flame elixer and 4 abilities. You can get the  chilling flame elixir by either pvp farming zen beans which you need 76k zen beans to buy 10 training certificate and 26 pugilist emblems from the trader or farming freezing orbs from cold storage dungeon and buy frozen lamentation stone and combining it with asura ember which can be bought for around 500g (cheapest current price at the time of writing this) or farming soguns lament.


For your 4 ability, also obtainable from PVP. You'll need 38k zen beans to buy 5 certificates and 13 pugilist emblems. It can also be farmed in Avalanche den and Awaken Necropolis. Each dungeon will drop a half of a book which you will combine into 1. Otherwise buy it but current prices for both are at 950g for both.


For rotations a thread here goes over shadow. For ice, there isn't a recent thread but i'll go over it quick:

Normal rotation solo you can first cast a purple 4, Do note, in parties, people who have transcendent souls would rather you sb right away so they don't waste there buff

Otherwise it goes like this:

2 > Leech> SB (during leech animation) > 4 > V > RMB x3 > F > (4 and V again when the instant cast comes up again)           <---assuming you don't have Hongmoon abilites

3 (wait til all ticks go off) > 4 > V > 2 > Leech > 4 > V > RMB x3 > F (when out of focus) > (4 and V again when the instant cast comes up again)          <---When SB is over


If you have Hongmoon RMB and 4, you can skip the F and just spam RMB and 4 during SB and Leech. When Leech is on CD, you can cast purple V (if no hongmoon 4) and fill with RMB x3 > F or purple 4 (with book for a chance at instant cast) then spam RMB x3 > 4          


All in all, you do have high ping so you may not be able to efficiently go through the rotation. Watch a few videos so you can get an idea.

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