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Missing items in Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack

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I'm confused.


I got a mail from NCSOFT. They reminded me to collect my FREE Lost Continent Explorer's Pack before January 5, 2018. I was happy 'cause I totally forgot it.

They said it contains lots of stuffs:



As a reminder, here are all of the great items you’ll find with your FREE Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack:


Level 50 Character Creation Voucher

- Boost directly to level 50 where you’ll be able to experience the new 55 level cap, Act 8 story, Hongmoon Ultimate Skills, and more!

Unrefined Scaleburn Weapon

20 Gold

Training Equipment Chest

- Cerulean Order Uniform

- Crimson Legion Uniform

- Lucent Accessories

- Ancestral Soul Shield

Training Gem Pouch

- Hongmoon Square Ruby

- Hongmoon Square Sapphire

- Hongmoon Square Citrine

- Mystery Penguin Pet Pouch

- Light Stone

- Dark Stone

Training Consumables Pouch

- 100 Dumplings

- 100 Master Field Repair Tools

- 100 Fortune Potions

- 100 Hongmoon Unsealing Charms

- 100 Hongmoon Keys

- 50 Heroic Friendship Charm

- 26 Dragon Trade Pouch

- 10 Naryu Silver



I applied the pack on the website. Check!

I launched the game and the Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack was in my Received Items storage. Check!

But when I unpacked it, I surprised.

I got only two items:

- Level 50 Character Creation Voucher,

- Merry Cap.

That's all!


Where are the rest of them?! Is is a bug or what?



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Really?! Only if I create a new character with the voucher? So I have to buy a character slot? Because I don't have any free one.


And where the hell they wrote it down? Because the remainder mail from NCSOFT or even the website announcement from November 15, 2017 says nothing about this. They just listed a lots of items. I though the level 50 boost just one of them. 


As I as now read back more than half year in the news I found an announcement from April 14, 2017. They mentioned lots of starter items, but how the hack should I remember back eight months if I never used any lv50 boost voucher?! They should inform players more carefully! Especially now since there was a lot of changes from April.

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21 hours ago, Ooneka said:


Here is a quick guide to properly redeem your Lost Continent Explorer's pack: 


Oh boy. Thanks for the reply but you looks like didn't understand me. As I as wrote in my first post I already redeemed the Lost Continent Explorer's Pack. It was understandable from the email.

I just surprised when I unpacked it. Only two items were in there even if the mail noted a lot more. But Ooneka enlightened me.

I didn't remembered the Instant Level 50 boost announcement what was eight month ago.

I know everything now. The email and the Lost Continet Explorer's Pack announcement was just lack of information. But never mind.

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