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Soul Fighter Buff Thread.


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It is generally agreed that Soul Fighter needs a buff for PvP and Earth still needs improvements to be as viable as Frost in PvE.


So feel free to leave your ideas on buffs here in hopes they will be noticed but let them not be too crazy.

Write them down in points so they are easy to understand and specify the element if the skills are element specific.


If you support someone's idea, show support by liking their post.

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I will write down my own suggestions here.


Some suggestions for both elements for PvP:


-Chi levels 1-4 don't do much. It would be good if they provided small benefits similar to Chi level 5 which increases movement speed.

-Chi level 5 should provide more than just 30% movement speed benefit.

-Chi level 5 expires when it's timer expires and cannot be renewed with new Chi Stacks. To solve this, Chi level 5's timer should renew when more Chi is stacked.

-Elbow Smash's cooldown times are too long. Move 1 should have a 2.3 sec cooldown, move 2 should be 5 sec, move 3 should be 4 sec.


Some suggestions for Earth (PvP + PvE): 


-Stacking Chi is impossible in PvP situation and takes too long for PvE compared to Frost. To solve this, Iron Shoulder should stack 2 Chi on a hit in Earth build.

-Breaking Claw's Critical Rate increase is too small at 1%, It should increase Critical Rate by 3% per stack.


I play Earth so I can't suggest much for Frost.

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Some PVE/PVP suggestions to Cobalt Punch HM give more attack to grab and phantom grip (not intresting) what about the golden dragon buff would do something.


Base Cobalt Punch mod. 4.0   HM Cobalt mod 5.3

Suggested effect during Golden Dragon Cobalt Punch deals additional 2.0 damage while at 3 golden dragon stack Cobalt Punch Crital hits reduce Iron Shoulder cooldown by 1 sec.


Maybe Breaking Claw same effect while at 3 stack golden dragon Crit chance goes from 1% to 3%.


Golden Dragon Buff is only used on 2 skills would be nice that it will be used in more skills give the Golden Dragon buff more meaning.


Just some suggestions (damage modifiers i got from BnS Tree)

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Overall changes:

-glacial beam (4) should have 24s CD and should inflict 3s stun to enemies inflicted by Freeze like Ground Ripple Move1

-retreat (f) when you are on Martial Stance cooldown after use is 9s , if force stance 12s

-howling blast (f) move 1 should have 16s CD

-howling blast (f) move 3 should have 24s CD and when in use should work like sin C stun and be immune to cc during use of skill

-elbow smash (1) move 1 should have 1,5s CD and reduce cooldown of Chi Burst by 5s on succesfull Rear Attack

-elbow smash (1) move 2 should have 6s CD and counter frontall attack for 1,5s

-elbow smash (1) move 3 should have 3s CD + reduced half damage + moved "deals an additionad damage on hitting the enemy's back" and move this additional damage to standard damage like they did with RMB damage in the past , + incrase critical hit rate by 5% for 3 sec

-stance shift (tab)  should penetrate defense

-ground ripple (3)  move 2 should have 18s CD

-frost nova (3) move 1 should have 24s CD

-frost nova (3) move 2 should have 18s CD

-ice coil (3) move 3 should have 18s CD

-soul surge (g) should be able to cancel during use

-dragonfury (rmb) should deal more standard dmg ( now scales 2.0 from ap on non critical hit and additional 5.0 on critical hit ) should be like  4.0 on non crit + 3.0 on crit

-awekened cobalt punch and right punch (rmb) remove iron shoulder available on hit, remove reduction on coolodown of iron shoulder and add "reduces cooldown of focus chi by 1 sec on hit"

-displace (2) move 1 should have 18s cd

-displace (2) move 2 should have 24s cd



-cobalt punch (rmb) move 1 scales better with ap ( now 4.0 ) change it to 4.7x AP

-iron shoulder (f) 6 focus regen over 3s ( 2 focus per second )

-kingfist (v) move 1 can be used up to 2 times with better scallings than now ( overall kingfist dmg staying the same )

-breaking claw (f) critical hit chance incrases up to 10 times ( one stack grants 1% for 5s )


Ice looks fine for me. I used to play ice before i got raven and i enjoyed it. Now im playing earth because almost nobody doing it and i find it funny.




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