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On 12/30/2017 at 10:08 AM, Egoist00 said:

because f5 items are cheaper than buying with Hongmoon coins, therefore, people are not selling gold in F9.

well its just weird especially on trove season...usually we see lots of ppl sell their gold in f9 during trove...


20 hours ago, Hirukaru said:

Let's keep this up so gold buyers will start begging and give us more ncoins for our gold. 

I sell you gold


hahaha i would love to see if the rates up but meh i try to make 1:3 but its say max 1:2...=/

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This trove, the items are garbage, costumes are either recolor, or just bad, the only value here are the gems, but.......u know the NCW's RNG O_o


BTW, if they had put VT stuffs in this trove, F9 would have CRASHED. But i know eventually they'll do it, like BT stuffs.

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