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Shadow build HM skills

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I was wondering what are the most important HM skills for shadow build? Or maybe the build doesn't matter when it comes to HM skills? Still if you could tell me the most important ones I'd be thankful.

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Most important are your RMB and 4. PVP you'll need the HM skill for your 2 which is mandatory. The LMB can be useful in PVP (when not hitting into a deflect) or when leech is on CD as you might have the issue of running out of focus. However, at higher gear, you'll won't run out often making your LMB a rare use. HM sanctum is not necessary but it does help more in pvp adding 4 more seconds. You won't use it much in PVE though. Only times I really use it are in the first boss fight in Naryu Sanctum when he punches and dazes everyone and Xanos boss fight when he does the 5 circle aoe around him. Otherwise it's just for healing.

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