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Hongmoon skills achievements don't show

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Hi guys!

I was trying to get started on my hongmoon skills and I found some videos that, as a guide, use the character > skills tab in the achievements menu (U). The thing is, when I check this tab in my character, it says "there are no achievements left to complete" (which there should be since I have no hongmoon skills at all). I was wondering the reason for this. Is there another tab that explains the HM skills achievements now? Is there an update in development which explains why this tab is empty? I'm honestly having some trouble to understand what to do to unlock all my skills (except for the zen bean).

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16 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

Did you check if you maybe have a filter on to show only the ones you completed? :)

I really thought I didn't but after playing  with the filters for a bit turns out I did! Thank you and sorry ^^;;;;

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